All You Need To Know About Opal Stone & Price

According to astrology, each planet is represented by each gemstone. Every person should wear gems according to his zodiac sign and astrology. According to astrology, opal is a white colored gemstone which works to strengthen the planet Venus when it is in a bad position in the horoscope. If a person’s financial condition is not good, then wearing opal stone can help him a lot. Wearing Opal also increases the popularity of the person in the society. Opal Stone Price can vary from retailer to retailer.

Let us know what benefits a person gets by wearing which gemstone, as well as know who can wear it and who cannot. According to Gemology, people of Taurus and Libra can wear opal. It is considered best for them to wear Opal. Apart from these people of Capricorn, Aquarius, Gemini and Virgo can also wear this stone.
The most important thing is that Venus is the gem of the planet and Moon, Sun and Jupiter are the enemies of Venus, so people who are wearing ruby, pearl and topaz should not wear opal. Opal can be worn along with Emerald and Sapphire.

What is opal stone?

Opal stone is a type of metallurgical gel, which is formed by gathering in the cracks of rock such as limestone, sandstone, igneous rock, marl and basalt at very low temperature. It is a transparent gem. It is the most colourful of all colours and because of its iridescent colours it looks the most beautiful of all gems. Milky coloured opal stone is most beneficial for the happiness of married life.
Opal Ratna is a very miraculous gem that removes disputes between husband and wife in a jiffy. Venus is related to marriage; Opal is worn to increase the effect of Venus. Opal is also known as Dudhiya Patthar in Hindi. Opal is very beneficial for a person having Libra, Taurus, Ascendant or in whose horoscope Venus is not fruitful, the power of Venus is less, for such a person wearing opal is very beneficial.

Main source of opal-

Opal is mainly found in Australia. Australia alone produces about 95% of the world’s opal. Opal gemstone is also found in other countries, Mexico, Brazil, Australia and South Africa also produce opal gemstone.
If there is a bad relationship between husband-wife, lover-girlfriend by wearing opal, then opal should be worn as soon as possible. This gem increases respect and brings sweetness in complicated married life and love relationships.
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How to wear opal stone-
If a person wants to wear opal, then he can wear it on Friday of Shukla Paksha of any month. It should be worn in the ring finger of the right hand. Before wearing an opal ring, purify it by putting it in raw milk and gangajal. After this, put this ring on a white cloth and wear the ring by chanting a rosary of Venus’s mantra Om Dran Drin Draun S: Shukray Namah.

Who should wear Opal stone?

According to astrology, Opal is worn to enhance the effect of the planet Venus. The person whose birth chart has Libra and Taurus ascendant or whose birth sign is Libra or Taurus, that person can wear Opal without any hesitation. The person whose Venus is not strong in his horoscope, that person should also strengthen his Venus by wearing opal stone. Cancer and Capricorn ascendant horoscopes can also wear Opal gemstone.

Benefits of wearing opal:

By wearing opal, the ongoing problem between husband and wife goes away. Along with this, it is believed that if the people associated with TV, film, theatre and IT sector wear opal, then it will be auspicious and fruitful for them. By wearing opal, a person gets the support of luck as well as his life is filled with happiness. Wearing it also brings mental peace to the person.
1. This stone brings stability in married life-
In married life or in love relations, if discord, rift, rift or separation or divorce is arising without any reason, then in that situation opal stone is worn to bring stability in troubled married life, disputes arising out of wearing it can be removed soon.
2. Health improvement-
Opal provides relief from diseases related to eyes, mental stress, apathy, laziness, diseases related to red blood cells. Develops sexual power, because it is the factor of Venus and Venus is the factor of semen. It also provides physical fitness. This gemstone helps in maintaining the balance of hormonal secretions of your body. This gem also cures kidney disease.
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