Black Horse Shoe Is Miraculous, Know Its Benefits

Horse is a pet animal which people use in different forms for their business, vehicle etc. Horsemen and some family members also keep it in the house for their hobby. Horses are found in different colours, types and breeds. The lowest part of its foot is called the hoof. It is believed that when a horse walks more, the hooves of his feet start to wear out which is painful for the horse and also reduces the beauty of his feet.

For this reason, to protect the horse’s feet, an iron crescent-shaped cord is placed under his feet, which is called the horseshoe. When this horseshoe is worn on the feet of a black horse, it is called black horseshoe. Black horseshoe has great importance in astrology. It is used for many astrological and Vastu remedies. It is very beneficial and auspicious, which works to protect from many types of evil forces.

In such a situation, the question arises that how can we use horseshoe to remove negativity from our life and replace it with positivity. Let us know many such uses of horseshoe, which will fill your life with wealth and happiness-

How to use it?

Horseshoe is used in many forms. Some people put it on the main gate to protect against evil eyes, while some people make a ring of it and wear it in their hands. Many people use it to remedy the defects of the planet Saturn, while many people use it to take away the eyes of their small child.

Let us know the miraculous experiment by which it is easily done with horseshoe-

At the main entrance of the house

There is a difference of opinion among the experts on whether to put the horseshoe on the main entrance of their house. Some people consider it to be related to magic, tantra-mantra etc., while some people consider it to be beyond astrology, while some people have a lot of faith in it. In such a situation, you should consider putting a horseshoe at the door of your house only after astrological consultation.

However, according to some of the best astrologers, putting a horseshoe on the main entrance of the house can be used to protect against evil eye. By putting a horseshoe at the main entrance of the house, all kinds of troubles coming from outside return from there in reverse.

There are two types of horseshoe placed on the main entrance of the house, first ‘U pattern’ and second ‘Reverse U pattern’.

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Methods and Benefits of Applying U Pattern

When the horseshoe is fitted in a U pattern, then both its ends are upwards, that is, from the front you will see the U shaped cord at home.

It is believed that putting horseshoe in U pattern brings good luck in the house and it is very beneficial for businessmen. It becomes the factor of their profits, due to which many businessmen also put it in front of their workplace, shop etc.

Methods and benefits of applying reverse pattern

In this, both the ends of the horseshoe are downwards, that is, inverted U-shaped shape. It will look like a reversed U shape from the front of your house.

With respect to the reverse U pattern, it is said that by placing a horseshoe on the main entrance of your house in this manner, negativity does not enter your house. Whatever bad tendencies are the complete faults or badduas, they come back from the main door of your house, so that there is never any trouble in the life of you and your relatives.

To put a horseshoe on the main gate, it is believed that it should be bought and brought to your house on Friday itself. Also, it should be soaked in mustard oil overnight. Thereafter, after worshiping in the temple of Shani Dev in the morning, it should be installed at the main door of your house.

However, to put the horseshoe at the main gate, it is best to use a method suitable for self and home with astrological advice. Apart from this, you should also take care of some other special things to put a horseshoe at the entrance of the house. For example, if you pay attention to whether the main door of your house is in the east or southeast direction, if it is so, then do not put the horseshoe on the main entrance of your house.

If you are placing a horseshoe in the shape of a reverse U at the main entrance of your house, then put a mirror there as well. This has a double benefit.

While buying a horseshoe, keep in mind that this cord should be worn around the black horse’s feet. A cord sold by wearing it on a horse’s foot for two-three hours is not considered suitable.

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For business

If there is a loss in your business day by day, the circumstances of your business are deteriorating unnecessarily, the income has become limited and compressed, and then to solve all these problems, you can put the horseshoe in your shop with astrological consultation. Put outside on Saturday or wear a ring made of horseshoe.

To protect against sight

If a small child has been noticed in your house, then keep the horseshoe soaked in mustard oil on Friday night. On Saturday morning, take him to Shani temple and worship there and pray for the good wishes of your child. After that a lamp of mustard oil should be lit in front of the horseshoe. Donate the horseshoe to someone in the evening or bury it under the ground at a secluded place. This will get rid of eye defects.

You can apply horseshoe in reverse U shape to protect from evil eye falling on your house, whose complete method is given above. If you often get sight, then to prevent this, you can wear a ring made of horseshoe after soaking it in mustard oil on Friday night and on Saturday to prevent it. Due to this, the effect related to eye defects and also the bad vision of Saturn ends.

To get rid of the malefic effects of Saturn

Those people who are dominated by Shani’s half-century or Shani’s dhaiya, those people must wear a ring made of horseshoe.

Two types of iron are used to make a ring made of black horseshoe, the first is the iron used in the cord worn by the black horse, the second is the iron of an old cut boat’s nail. It is believed that by the combined form of these two irons, one gets freedom from all the defects of Shani and happiness and peace remains in life.

The people whose horseshoe is placed at the main entrance of the house, Shani’s grace always remains on them. It also gets rid of the evils related to witchcraft and evil shadows. It is a belief that the person on whom Saturn is very effective regarding its ill-effects, those people should get 4 nails made of black horseshoe in their bed used in sleeping. Due to this the ill effects of Shani are not reflected in your life.

If you are suffering from the wrath of Shani’s Dhaiya and Sade Sati, then for its prevention, wear rings energized and worshiped by the mantras of Lord Shani on your middle finger on Saturday. This gives freedom from the wrath of Saturn.

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