How To Buy 100% Original Rudraksha Online?

Are you looking for Government Certified Rudraksha Shop Online? If yes! Here in this post, you will get an idea to select the top-quality shop online. Then, consider buying these points while buying the Rudraksha from the shop.

Certified Rudraksha is a seed that is made into beads and used for a variety of things. It has a connection to Lord Shiva. Hinduism places a high value on the Rudraksha beads, worn for:

  1. Protection,
  2. Health,
  3. Prosperity,
  4. Harmony,
  5. Other Advantages Specific To The Wearer.

During Mahashivratri, the Rudraksha enhances the blessings of heavenly happiness.

Before purchasing genuine Rudraksha, consider these things:


The most excellent Rudraksha varieties are indigenous to Nepal and Indonesia and have a natural hole in the middle that allows them to be strung together in various ways.

Rudraksha from Nepal and Indonesia Japa-Malas have been used for millennia with great success, both scientifically and spiritually. Remarkably, the Indonesian Rudraksha Japa-Mala is often utilized for

Checking for authenticity is essential for everyone who wants to benefit from Rudraksha’s delightful effects. Real Rudraksha can be determined using a variety of tests, including:

Search for the deep facets (Mukhi) that run through the diameter of Rudraksha beads.


A real, ripe Rudraksha will not float if placed in a glass of water. Additionally, we may determine whether the beads are artificially linked by immersing the authentic Gauri-Shankar Rudraksha in boiling water for alteast 30 minutes. It is not authentic if there is discoloration or if the beads separate.

Rudraksha beads’ magnetic and physical qualities can be tested by sandwiching two between copper coins; depending on which one turns slightly to the right or left, people seem to favor it.

The authenticity of the Rudraksha is verified through laboratory examinations, particularly the costly but precise CT-Scan and X-Ray exams. Purchase rudraksha from a reputable, licensed vendor.


Rudraksha is a very energizing object that uplifts the wearer in a healthy way and in direct proportion to how positively they feel about it. Rudraksha beads constructively balance the entire being with the environment and the many mental, spiritual, and emotional planes. Wearing a genuine Rudraksha that is authentic, glossy, weighty, bright, and has shapely characteristics has no adverse effects. Rudraksha imitations have no therapeutic properties.

Genuine Rudraksha worn by a person becomes a part of their space and connects with their physical, mental, and emotional bodies to balance the being. This is known as the aura effect. Rudraksha’s energy advances with the wearer’s growth into a complete being, generating a cocoon of the person’s energy that aids in preserving adaptability while traveling to diverse locations. The Rudraksha mala also offers a defense against harmful forces.

Rudraksha Attunement

A certain technique must be followed to energize the Rudraksha so that the wearer’s energy can be harmonized with the Rudraksha’s. Rudraksha is energized for various purposes, and once energized, the wearer should only wear it because the energy is focused on the goal of attunement.

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