Is It Worthy To Buy Gemstones Online?

10 years before, in India, if you ever wanted to buy from the comfort of your home, it could only be through infomercials, in the wee hours of the morning, or late at night by calling their free toll-free number. The items were assorted but generally genuine as the brands associated had to spend a lot of money on the infomercials themselves. Yet, buying through infomercials was very common in India. It was something only a few did. With the advancement of technology and the availability of online shopping in India from 2012.

It is the time, the touch of online shoppers increased 100-fold.Because of its increment, the chances of defrauding someone with fake products is nulled or alleviated. Purchasing natural Gemstones Online is still a taboo subject today because of this. The significance of fraudulent sales through immaculate pictures, fancy content, spam-my ads, and continuous pestering through reassuring words makes people wary of purchasing anything, god forbid something precious like gemstones, online.

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Answers to know before making an online gemstone purchase:

How long has been the gemstone seller working in business?

When a brand has been there for 5+ years and has a good reputation, they are a safer bet than others as brands with a bad reputation for selling poor-quality or fake astrological gemstones barely last more than 1-2 years. It is good to do your research and find out the right type of dealer you’re considering. You can also consider for complaints online, to be 100% appropriately choice.

Are the pictures of gems on the website real?

Is the image of the gemstone/s there on the website a stock photo or a genuine photo? Numerous websites use stock photos, non-reputable websites will try to peddle off generally found gemstones images as their own. These pictures may have watermarks on them, yet faint. You can also inquire the webmaster if the photo is from stock or an actual image from the company.

Do you get refund and exchange policy?

Jewellery is a very precious thing. It has also cost a lot and is an investment. Thus, a legitimate online seller will always have a thorough and clear return or exchange policy. The standard policy should be spelled out, and all stipulations, i.e., how much time & payment of shipping, should be particular and to the point. Always remember that most return policies shouldn’t charge more than 5%.

If you believe a brand like Hare Krishna Mart to buy Gemstones Online, you do not have to worry about any such thing as they have transparent 10 days return and replacement policy, every picture on the website is clear and taken by the brand of their own gems, they have been in business for a very long time.

Assurance of trusting a good brand:

1. Error-free gems for maximum results.

2. Transparent and quick payment.

3. As mentioned earlier, easy returns and exchanges are assured with good brands.

4. Genuine certifications.

5. Gemologist-accepted gemstones.

6. Regular communication from the get-go.

7. Ranges in budget; so everyone can have the chance to change their lives.

Ways to purchase Gemstones Online?

A true gemstone looks seamless both on the website and in person. While asking the retailer for a video call or evidence that the gem shown online is the gem you get can make sure the color of the gemstone matches and is exact. To evaluate the authenticity of a gemstone, clarity is an essential factor. Natural gemstones have associations and that’s what makes them easy to identify. A real gemstone should have some good inclusions, but not a lot.

A certificate confirms the quality and gentility of a gemstone and adds value to the buying. It is relevant to confirm that the gemstone is certified before making a purchase. Another significance of a gemstone being genuine while buying online is checking for its origin. For instance, the best yellow sapphires are from Srilanka and Myanmar but they can also be from Thailand, Australia, Madagascar, etc. This maybe be either specified on the certificate or the website.

Ultimately, buying astrological Gemstones Online is secure. Moreover, you have to take precautions while you buy it. Still, that goes for every purchase made online. Believing a known brand like Hare krishna mart is the first step in the right direction. For everything else, you can always discuss with a gemologist, a consultant in the industry, or even the internet that is available only for in-depth research.

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