Keep The Ekakshi Nariyal In Your Home For Good Luck!

In Sanatan Dharma, many different types of materials and fruits are used in worship and auspicious works. Ekakshi Nariyal is one of these. Coconut is considered sacred and very important in Hinduism. According to beliefs, offering coconut to Gods and Goddesses destroys all the sufferings of a person. Apart from this, coconut water is considered a symbol of the moon. Coconut is also called Shreefal in Hinduism. According to beliefs, Ekakshi Nariyal is considered best and special among all types of coconuts. Bhopal resident astrologer and Vastu consultant Pandit Hitendra Kumar Sharma is telling the importance of Ekakshi coconut.

Why Ekakshi Nariyal is considered special:

According to Hindu religious scriptures, all the three deities Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh reside in the Ekakshi Nariyal. The three eyes seen in the coconut are considered as the Trinetra of Lord Shiva, hence it is necessary to use coconut in religious rituals and worship. Apart from this, it is also believed that if coconut water is sprinkled in the house, it destroys the negative energies of the house.

What are the importance of Ekakshi Nariyal:

Ekakshi Nariyal is called that coconut, in which only one eye is visible instead of three. This coconut has special importance in Hindu religion. This coconut has been considered as the form of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu. It is believed that whoever has Ekakshi coconut in his house, there is never any shortage of money in that house. According to Hindu religious scriptures, by offering Ekakshi coconut to Gods and Goddesses, one gets happiness, wealth and opulence in the house and the person also gets success in business fields.

It is believed that worshiping a single coconut in front of the idol of Mother Lakshmi during Diwali brings happiness and prosperity in life. If an Ekakshi coconut is kept in your house, then you will not be affected by bad planetary conditions. According to beliefs, keeping one-eyed coconut in the house cures the vastu defects of the house. If you are leaving the house for some special work, apply tilak mixed with roli, sandalwood, and saffron on Ekakshi Nariyal and leave the house. According to the beliefs, by doing this one definitely gets success in special tasks.

Worship Ekakshi Nariyal & get great benefits:

1. It is believed that one who keeps Ekakshi Nariyal, gets permanent wealth, opulence and all kinds of happiness.

2. It is believed that the members of the house where there is a single-eyed coconut worshipped, the members of that house are not affected by any kind of tantra-mantras, tricks etc.

3. It is believed that if a man or a woman is possessed by evil spirits, then by keeping a single-eyed coconut in his lap, he becomes free from all such obstacles.

4. It is believed that mixing sandalwood, saffron, roli on Ekakshi Nariyal and applying its tilak on the forehead definitely brings success in a particular task.

5. It is believed that if you want to win in a court-related case, then on Sunday, after taking the name of the opponent, put a red canner flower on a single-sided coconut and take that flower with you on the day you go to the court.

6. The whole situation becomes favorable to you. Install this coconut in a bronze vessel on Saturday evening and light an oil lamp in front of it and invite it, O Ekakshi Coconut! You prove my work.

7. On the second day in the morning at sunrise again, take a bath with water, set it in a plate, worship it with panchopachar, make a trishul with kumkum on it and worship it. Pran Pratishtha and Siddha Ekakshi Coconut helps in getting rid of bondage, business progress, subjugation, success in exams, victory in lawsuits, fulfillment of desires.

8. Ekakshi coconut has been called the provider of marital happiness. It is believed that the house where there is a single-sided coconut worshiped and purified by mantras, happiness resides in that house.

9. Due to the auspicious effect of Ekakshi Nariyal, there is love and harmony between husband and wife. It is believed that keeping Ekakshi coconut in the house does not affect the pain associated with the nine planets.

10. If any condition of any planet is going on, then it does not have any effect. By establishing Ekakshi Nariyal at the work place according to the rules and regulations and worshiping it daily, there is a quadruple increase in business day and night. It is also very beneficial in getting success in career.

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