Method Of Wearing Ring Made Of Ghode Ki Naal!

When you feel that there is black energy or any kind of negative energy in your house then as per the Vastu it is auspicious to hang a Ghode Ki Naal in the house. Since ancient times, the cord attached to the feet of the black horse has been used in many types of remedies. It is believed in Tantra Vidya that if the shoe of a black horse is used, even impossible tasks become possible. According to Hare krishna mart, although the shoe of any horse is very effective, but if the black horse has an old shoe of its front right leg, then it becomes many times more effective. Let us know some accurate astrological remedies of it.

ghode ki naal

What is Ghode Ki naal?

Due to the continuous movement of the horse, there is a fear of rubbing its hooves. To solve this problem, a half-moon shaped iron plate is pushed under its hooves. If this plate also gets worn due to the continuous running of the horse, then it is replaced. This worn plate is called the shoe of the black horse. But it will be called a black horse’s shoe only if it is extracted from the hoof of a black horse. A round simple ring is made by this iron only. Some things must be kept in mind while making this ring. like:

1. This iron or cord should be obtained on Saturday only.

2. The day of making ring from this special iron should also be Saturday.

3. While preparing the ring, keep in mind that do not heat it in the fire. This iron should always be given the shape of a ring by keeping it cool. This is very necessary.

4. The day to wear this ring should also be Saturday.

5. This ring should be worn in the middle finger of the right hand.

6. According to the opinion of some scholars, this black horse shoe ring should be worn only in that condition when you have a half-and-a-half year period of Saturn’s transit. It is usually not worn in Vimshottari Dasha.

When there is loss in business:

If the shop is not running properly or if someone has tied it using the system at the shop, then put the cord on the door frame of the main door of the shop in the shape of English letter U. The number of customers will start increasing in your shop and the conditions will become favorable.

Shani’s Sadesathi is going on:

If Saturn’s half-and-a-half-and-a-half-and-a-half years are running, then on a Saturday, wear a ring made of black horseshoe in the middle finger of the right hand. Your spoiled work will be done and along with it there will be monetary gain.

Troubles at home:

If there is trouble in the house, economic progress is not happening or someone has done Tantra Kriya, then put the cord on the main door of the house in the shape of the English letter U. In a few days everything will be fine with the effect of placenta.

Reduction in Shani Dosha:

Get a nail or ring made from a Ghode Ki Naal, fill mustard oil in an iron bowl under the Peepal tree on Saturday, put this ring or nail in it and see your face and keep it under the Peepal tree. This will reduce Shani Dosha.

Powerful blessings:

Wrap a black horseshoe in a black cloth and put it in the grain, then the grain increases and keep it in the vault, there is a monetary benefit. Blessings remain in the house.

There is a reduction in the inauspicious effects of Sade Sati and Dhayya!

Get a black horse’s feet fitted with your money. Shani Dev is very pleased with this and can fulfill every wish of the devotee. This also reduces the inauspicious effects of Sadhesati and Dhayya.

Mustard oil:

Take mustard oil in an iron bowl and put Black Horse Shoe in it. Now turn this bowl from your head to toe 7 times and bury it in a deserted place. This will also remove the evil eye and if Shani Dosh is there then it will also be less.

Relief from pain:

Take a black thread equal to your length and make 8 knots in it. Dip this thread in oil and wrap it on a black horse shoe and bury it under the Shami tree. This will get rid of all kinds of sorrows and troubles. This is a very accurate solution.

In astrology, Navaratnas and their sub-ratnas have been considered to be of great importance for the defects of the house and their remedies. Along with these, a simple visible ring made of an iron metal also comes in this category. Although it looks a little cheap like gems, but it is completely effective in Saturn’s seven and a half years. You must have seen that some people wear rings made of commonly visible iron in their fingers.

In fact, it is a ring made of Ghode Ki Naal, which proves completely beneficial in Shani’s half-and-a-half-and-a-half years.This black horseshoe ring should be prepared in only one way: two types of iron are required to make it, in which the first iron is obtained from the black horseshoe and the second iron is obtained from dilapidated boats. is obtained from the nail of If it is not made from the above two types of iron, then wearing this ring hardly creates any special benefit.

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