Should I Wear A Ruby Stone Ring?

Everyone wants progress and happiness in life. People work very hard for this. But many times, people do not reach the place they deserve even after all the efforts and hard work. If you too are not getting success in job or business even after all the efforts and hard work, then in such a situation you should take the advice of astrology. In the Ratna Shastra, a branch of astrology, some gems have been considered very miraculous. Wearing these gems removes the obstacles coming in progress.

ruby stone ring
To reduce the effects of inauspicious planets in the horoscope and to increase the auspicious effects, a person is advised to wear gems. Ruby stone Ring is one of these gems. Also known as Manik Ratna, it has been considered an important gem in Gemology. Let’s know about the benefits of this gem.

The importance of gems has been told in Ratna Shastra. Each gemstone is related to a particular planet. Manikya Ratna is considered related to Sun. Manikya is also called Ruby in English. Ruby is very bright and most beautiful gemstone of red color. According to astrology, wearing ruby stone is considered best. This gives immense success in life and positive energy resides in the house. Pandit Indramani Ghansyal explains that by wearing Manikya Ratna one gets good luck in life. Let us know what are the benefits of Manikya Ratna.

Who should wear Ruby Stone Ring:

According to astrologers, it is beneficial to wear Ruby according to the zodiac signs. Wearing ruby in Aries, Leo and Sagittarius ascendant is considered auspicious. Similarly ruby stone can be worn when Sun is in the eleventh house, tenth house, ninth house, fifth house, eleventh house of wealth. Its auspicious results are seen. On the other hand, Virgo, Capricorn, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius ascendant people should avoid wearing ruby stone.

With whom to wear Ruby Stone Ring :

Wearing ruby with pearl gives the name of Purnima. Manik can also be worn with topaz. Ruby and Topaz are the factors of great success in the administrative sector. Ruby and coral can also be worn, such a person is influential and someone gets success in the administrative field. It can also be worn with topaz, coral. Emerald and ruby can also be worn, wearing this creates Budhaditya Yoga. Which makes the wearer successful in mental tasks. Ruby, topaz and emerald can also be worn together.

Benefits of wearing Ruby Stone Ring:

As Manikya Ratna is related to Sun. In such a situation, worshiping the Sun by wearing ruby stone gives double the results. Wearing ruby stone gives relief from diseases like heart disease, eye disease, bile disorders. Bright and positive energy resides inside you like the sun. You get success on every path in life. There is communication of happiness and prosperity in the house.

1. Manikya Ratna will give promotion in job-

According to gemology, if you are facing job related problems then you should wear ruby stone. It is also called Ruby Gemstone. This gem will prove beneficial for you.

ruby stone benefits

2. Helpful in enhancing leadership ability-

According to Ratna Shastras, the person who wears Ruby ie Manik Ratna, has a lot of ability to lead. Also he gets a lot of support and appreciation from the posts of government services.

3. Helpful in boosting self-confidence-

According to Ratna Shastra, wearing Ruby Stone Ring increases self-confidence in a person. According to astrology, the personality of the person who wears it gets enhanced. Also, wearing it improves eyesight and blood circulation.

4. Health problems will go away-

This gem is considered good for people with weak Sun. Apart from this, ruby gemstone is very beneficial for the person who is suffering from problems like jaundice, diarrhea, high and low blood pressure.

5. Helps strengthen bones-

According to Gemology, wearing Ruby Stone Ring makes bones strong. Apart from this, it helps in getting rid of skin related diseases. It is considered the best of all gems. Red colored ruby is the best and most valuable. It has no value in price, its value depends on its quality, transparency and color. The ruby of Burma is considered to be the best. This pomegranate-like gem with a pink aura is valuable.

Its price is according to the weight. It is also available in Karur, Bangkok; But the price is higher only in Burma. Remaining 100 Rs. 500 to Rs. It is available up to carat, but the price of Burma is 1000 rupees. It is ahead of the carat. One carat is of 200 ml and a solid ratti is of 180 ml.

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