What Is Baglamukhi Kavach?

Each and every seeker of Maa Baglamukhi must recite this Kavach before starting chanting daily. If have enough time, recite it at all three times in the morning, afternoon and evening. This armor is taken from Vishvasarodhar Tantra. When being asked by Parvati ji to Lord Shiva about the armor of Bhagwati Bagla, the Lord specified that Goddess Bagla is like a forest fire for the clan of enemies. She is the one who provides empire and is the giver of liberation.

There has been a lot of details about this armor of Bhagwati Bagalamukhi. By enchanting this Kavach, the woman who is without get a patient, heroic and centenary son and the poor get wealth. Through enchanting this Kavach in Mahanisha, even impossible tasks can be done successfully within seven days. Subjection is proved only by reciting it for three nights. When butter is fed to a captive woman after inviting it from this armor, she becomes a son.

baglamukhi kavach

Through its recitation and daily worship, a man becomes like Jupiter, a seeker in a group of women becomes like Kamdev and for enemies like Yama. 33Purascharan of this armor is done by doing one hundred and eleven lessons, without purascharan it does not get that much results.

The armor should be written on Bhojpatra with Ashtagandha and should be carried by a man in the right hand and a woman in the left hand.The pooja of Bhagwati Baglamukhi is going to provide relief from all troubles and sorrows in Kaliyuga. There would be no pain or sorrow in the world which cannot be overcome by the service and worship of Bhagwati Pitambara, only the sadhaks should patiently keep serving Bhagwati every moment.

Benefits of BaglamukhiKavach:

1. Bagalamukhi Kavach renders protection to you and your family from evil forces.

2. The people and rivals who are harming you are destroyed.

3. Court like land-property, get immediate relief in counterfeit cases.

4. Through the blessings of Goddess Bagalamukhi, the wearer gets victory over enemies.

5. Alleviates money-related problems coming in business and shop.

6. The effects of negative strengths and tantric activities are eliminated from the life of the wearer.

7. With the destruction of problems related to business and career, success is achieved.

8. Bagalamukhi Kavach helps in getting desirable life partner.

9. By carrying this armor, extraordinary tasks are also proved.

10. A person gets relief from their side effects including Nazar Dosha, Griha Dosha, Pitra Dosha etc.

Precautions to Use BaglamukhiKawach:

Don’t eat meat and alcohol on the day of wearing the armor.

When you go to someone’s funeral, take off the armor and wear it again after taking a bath.

Remove the armor while going to meet the new born baby.

ŚrīBagalāmukhī Devi, is the eighth of the ten Daśamahāvidyā-s and is known for her power to silence all enemies, internal and external. Her name is said to be Valagāmukhī, which over a duration of time got distorted to Bagalāmukhī. The termValagā, indicates “secret spells” and mukhī stands for mouth or face. She is hence the one, who is the repository of secret spells, just like the heavenly mother Kāli.

She is the one who is said to be yellow in color and wearing yellow garments. Yellow coloris the color for dispelling enemies and winning over them. The Heavenly Mother Bagalāmukhī, is known for Her power to wield the brahmāstra, afinal celestial weapon to bring maximum destruction and end the war. Supernaturally, this applies to the internal enemies such as thoughts, desires, greed, ego, animosity etc. within you, that need to be rested down, for you to ascend and expand your consciousness to become one with the Divine.

She is hence the guide towards self-realization and ultimately to gain liberation. This kavacam (shield of armor), is for giving us all the protection you need from external and internal enemies, in your pursuit towards worldly desires, as well as spiritual accomplishments. Deity Bhairavī spoke – Oh Dear Lord ŚrīMaheśvarā (Bhairavā). You would be very keen on learning the details of worship (pūjā) of ŚrīBagalā.

The spiritual kavacam that is said to ruin all enemies, internal and external and also capable of alleviating all types of inauspiciousness around us. Merely by remembering it, a torrent of auspiciousness is bestowed and all miseries are ended. Please narrate that kavacam linked with Śrī Bagala mukhi Devi and fill my heart and mind with bliss and satisfaction and bow to you sincerely Lord.666966

ŚrīBhairavā (Śivā) spoke – Your dear soulmate and most sacred and auspicious Bhairavī Devi! Prey her to please listen very carefully, as you enchant this most cherished kavacam. One who enchants it, or wears it on oneself, will gain the ability to become victorious in all pursuits, across all the three realms and triads.This prayer/mantra japa is to conjure Śrī Bagalā mukhīDevī and perform Her kavaca mantra japa to obtain Her complete grace in all aspects, and to achieve the four puruṣārthas.

These can be dharma (justice, law), artha (wealth), kāma (desires) and mokṣa (liberation). The guru (ṛṣiḥ) is the celestial sage Nārada, the meter (chandas) for the mantra is Anuṣṭup and the goddess is ŚrīBagalāmukhī, the seed (bījaṃ) is lam̐, the power (śakti) is īm̐. The primary (kīlaka) to unlock the mantra is aim̐.The top is protected at all times, by the secret spells and most potent weapon (brahmāstra) conjuring Divine Mother Bagalā (Valagā) and by her single lettered bīja (seed) mantra hlīm̐, which is near to her heart,

It also representsher enormous power to carry the entire Creation (sthiramāyā). In this circumstance, she stills the mind and alleviates all thought processes, by her grace.The propitiousness representing Śabda Brahman om̐ enclosing the māyābīja (seed) mantra hrīm̐, representing the power to Create, Preserve and Destroy etc., safeguards the forehead, combined with the grace of the Divine Mother Bagalāvairināśinī, who annihilates and silences all rivals.

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