What Is Sarva Kashta Nivaran Yantra?

Sarva Kashta Nivaran Yantra means getting rid of all troubles. This yantra proves to be helpful in removing all the pain and problems from your life. Sometimes happiness comes in life and sometimes sorrow comes and happiness and sorrow are two sides of the same coin of life. But there are some people whose whole life is full of sorrows and their life starts passing in troubles, as well as cursing their fate. But they do not know that by establishing the Nirvana Yantra of all suffering, one can convert their misfortune into good fortune. This yantra is a combination of 16 different yantras and the fusion of different yantras makes this yantra powerful.

It is believed that all the troubleshooting yantra sanctifies the place where this yantra is installed. It is considered best to place this yantra in the east direction towards west. The effect of Sarv Kash Nivaran Yantra increases with the increasing rays of the sun. By installing this Yantra in your home or business, positive energy is transmitted. To get the best benefit of this yantra it is necessary to install it at the proper place. You will not get the benefit of this device by installing it in the wrong place.

The gain of Sarva Kashta Nivaran Yantra:

1. By installing this yantra, all the problems of your life are removed.

2. This Yantra provides growth in your career and business.

3. This yantra also protects you from negative energies.

4. With the help of Sarva Griha Nivaran Yantra, the obstacles coming in Manglik or family work also get removed.

How to Use It?

1. The Sarv Kasht Nivaran Yantra is the answer to all of your life’s issues. This strong yantra, which was produced by fusing 16 other yantras, offers one solution to all of your life’s problems.

2. The way this yantra is worshiped is the same as how all other Sarva Kashta Nivaran Yantra are worshiped.

3. After taking a bath and purifying your body, you should always pray.

4. The Yantra must be kept on a spotless, sacred altar and should always face the East or the North.

5. Only the person who is requesting the Sarva Kashta Nivaran Yantra blessings should touch it.

6. The Yantra needs to be maintained immaculate and holy; hence it must be cleansed frequently. The Yantra can be cleaned with milk or rose water. There is no reason to be alarmed if the Yantra’s colour changes over time.

7. Present sandalwood paste and incense.

8. Place fresh fruit and flowers on the altar.

9. In front of the Yantra, light a diya or a candle.

10. In front of the god, recite the Beej Mantra for this yantra 108 times.

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