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Rudraksha comes from the seed of this tree itself which takes around 18 years to reach its full size.

According to Sanskrit, it refers to Shiva Bhagwan’s eyes and is worn by individuals as beads to promote good health, and religious accomplishment through Japa (prayer), knowledge, and Shakti (power).

At our store of Hare Krishna Mart, you can buy Rudraksha pendant online of premium quality that is claimed to help with stress reduction and meditation as well as life goals.

5 Mukhi Rudraksha Pendant

What are the Types of Rudraksha Pendant Available at Our Store of Hare Krishna Mart?

Being the leading platform where you can gemstones online, we also have various types of Rudraksha’s available. Some of them include

What are the Benefits of Wearing Rudraksha Pendant?

Before you choose to buy the Rudraksha pendant online from our store, it is important to understand the benefits you may attract as an individual from wearing it.

1. Spiritual Benefits

Buy Rudraksha pendant online and chanting spells or meditating after wearing it – you can expect to get bestowed with the immense power of concentration.

It activates the chakras in the human body and protects the bearer from all the negative energies around him.

Moreover, the panch-Mukhi Rudraksha available at our store is known to induce calmness within the bearer. When worn by children their concentration is increased and life becomes full of purity.

2. Physical Benefits

Apart from gaining spiritual benefits, the item would be physically beneficial as well. From helping in reducing blood pressure to calming down the nervous system – it does it all.

The Powder of the Rudraksha bead when mixed in sesame or mustard oil can be very effective to cure joint-related ailments and numbness during menopause or for women having menstrual irregularities.

When the Rudraksha is soaked into in a copper vessel filled with warm water up to three-fourth of its quantity, drinking the same after filtering it near sunrise will be good for the heart and also improve blood circulation, cure constipation and also is good for our skin and hair tonic. Not only that, it provides relief from skin disorders.

Why Choose Us to Buy Rudraksha Pendant Online?

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