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Original Tulsi Mala (108 Beads)

Original Tulsi Mala (108 Beads)

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Tulsi Mala

The importance of Tulsi Mala is very important because people of Vaishnava sect meditate on Lord Vishnu only with Tulsi garland. Tulsi Mala is also worn so that the body can be purified. Tulsi has been given a place in the category of very sacred plants in Hindu society.

In Hindu mythological scriptures, Tulsi garland is considered to be the purest. Let us tell you that Tulsi has spiritual as well as medicinal properties. The use of basil helps to get rid of diseases like night blindness, kidney related problems, migraine and sinus.

If Tulsi is not included in the worship of Lord Vishnu, then that worship is considered incomplete. Also, it is very important to have Tulsi in every offering. There are also many wonderful benefits of Tulsi, after knowing which no person can live without using this garland.

Benefits of Tulsi Mala

Let us know Tulsi Mala Benefits:

1. The first of the Tulsi mala pahnane ke interactions is that it makes the person’s mind calm and stable.

2. It purifies the person’s body externally and internally.

3. It keeps the blood pressure under control as well as strengthens the digestive system.

4. This garland is also worn in case of jaundice because it ends the disease quickly.

5. By wearing a Tulsi garland around the neck, the flow of electric power increases in the person’s body.

Thus all these are Tulsi Mala Benefits.

What are the rules of wearing Tulsi Mala?

Let us know who can wear Tulsi garland and what are its rules:

1. To wear Tulsi Mala, first wash it with Ganges water and then wear it after drying it.

2. Its second rule is that it is mandatory for the people wearing this garland to chant the rosary daily.

3. After wearing the garland, be sattvik and do not take tamasic food like onion, garlic, meat, alcohol etc.

4. After wearing the garland, never separate it from the body.

What are the rules for chanting Tulsi Mala?

Let’s know tulsi mala japa rules:

1. There should be at least 27 or 108 beads in the garland.

2. A knot must be attached after each bead in the Tulsi garland.

3. Never wear the rosary of chanting.

4. Never use another person’s rosary.

5. For chanting, cover the garland with a cloth.

Tulsi Mala Mantra ”ॐ विष्णवै नमः”

How to identify genuine Tulsi Mala?

To identify the real Tulsi Mala, keep it in water for about 30 minutes. If that garland does not leave its colour, then that garland is real.

What are the restrictions for wearing Tulsi Mala?

Those wearing Lasi garland should remain sattvik. Consumption of tamasic food like onion, garlic, meat, alcohol etc. is prohibited. It should not be separated from the body.

When to wear Tulsi garland? Or when to wear Tulsi garland?
Decide to wear Tulsi garland only when you have resolved yourself to be sattvik and disciplined. Wearing a Tulsi garland without it can make your God angry.

On which day should we wear Tulsi garland?

There are two types of Tulsi garlands – Rama Tulsi and Shyama Tulsi. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday are considered auspicious days to wear both Tulsi garlands.

What happens if you wear a Tulsi garland?

Tulsi garland protects us from various evil forces and diseases. Along with purifying the body, it also works to purify the soul.

How to wear

First of all, get this energized Tulsi Mala. Touch it with clean hands and wear it any day. If you do not want to wear it, then keeping it in the temple will also be beneficial.

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