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White Chandan Mala For Jaap, Puja, Health & Wealth also

White Chandan Mala For Jaap, Puja, Health & Wealth also

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White sandalwood garland

The importance of sandalwood in Vedic astrology and Vedic rituals is not hidden from anyone. Sandalwood is known for its cooling nature. Therefore, by wearing it, the mind and the mind remains calm. If the mantra of Mother Gayatri is chanted 108 times (one rosary) every day with sandalwood material, then all the defects of the horoscope are erased and the wearer gets everything for which he strives.

Benefits of white sandalwood garland

Wearing it removes the restlessness of the mind, so if the student wears it, then he will feel like studying and he will progress.
The wearer becomes calm and his interest towards religious works increases.
Wearing sandalwood garland is beneficial even if there is a problem of mild fever, anemia and lack of sleep.
The wearer is full of enthusiasm, due to which he does every work in a good manner, which ultimately brings success and prosperity.

How to wear

This garland has been invoked by the Vedic Brahmin with the mantras of Goddess Lakshmi. Get this energized rosary and wear it on Monday or Friday with true devotion.

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