Red Coral Stone and its Benefits

Red coral stone, also known as "moonga" in Hindi, is a captivating gemstone renowned for its vibrant red color and mystical properties. This precious coral is derived from the skeletons of marine animals called polyps and is mainly found in the Mediterranean Sea and the waters of Japan and Africa. The coral commonly used in jewelry and other decorative items is known as Corallium rubrum.

History of Red Coral Stone

Red coral has been cherished for thousands of years for its striking beauty and believed metaphysical properties. It has been prominent in ancient civilizations like Egyptian, Roman, and Greek cultures, where it was considered a symbol of prosperity, protection, and good luck. The stone's bold red hue is said to epitomize life force energy and is believed to have a profound impact on the wearer.

Benefits Of Red Coral

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, red coral stone is believed to possess numerous healing properties. It is revered as a potent gemstone for captivating vitality, enhancing mental focus, and boosting health and vitality. This gemstone is also thought to alleviate restlessness and promote emotional balance and harmony. It is believed to protect the wearer from evil spirits, accidents, and misfortune, providing a shield of divine protection.

Astrological Benefits

Astrologically, red coral is associated with the planet Mars and is worn to appease its influence. It is believed to enhance courage, confidence, and leadership qualities, making it a popular choice for individuals in professions requiring assertiveness and charisma. Furthermore, red coral is said to improve blood circulation, promote bone health, and alleviate ailments related to the nervous system, such as epilepsy and depression.

Wearing of Red Coral

When it comes to wearing red coral jewelry, it is important to ensure that the stone is natural and untreated. Common practices like dyeing and heat treatment can often be employed to enhance the color and clarity of the coral. However, these treatments diminish the stone's metaphysical properties and reduce its value. It is advisable to purchase red coral from reputable dealers who provide gems with certification of authenticity.

Red coral stone is typically incorporated into various types of jewelry, such as pendants, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. It is often paired with precious metals like gold or silver to create exquisite and striking pieces that catch the eye. The rich red tone of this gemstone complements both traditional and contemporary designs, making it a versatile choice for any occasion.

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