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Red Coral Gemstone (Red Coral Stone Price)

Red Coral Gemstone (Red Coral Stone Price)

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Red Coral Gemstone(Red Moonga Stone)

Wearing Redย Coral Stone makes a person courageous and brave. He has self-confidence and is able to face the toughest of situations with a stoicism. Coral is the gem of Mars and Mars is considered to be the factor of courage and strength, so whoever wears Coral gemstone, he gets the powers of Mars.

Benefits of Red Coral Gemstone

  • This stone helps in attaining education. Wearing this gemstone increases the confidence of the person and makes him optimistic.
  • Wearing Red Coral Gemstone to a person suffering from Mangal Dosha gets relief from the effects of this Dosha. If there is mangal dosha in your horoscope and due to this you are facing problems then you should wear coral stone.
  • This gem increases the wealth and property of the wearer and gives him respect in the field.
  • This stone protects from enemies and helps in increasing self-confidence.
  • The gemstone of Mars, Coral gives relief from diseases related to the skin and problems related to throat, heart, respiratory and asthma.
  • This stone also works to protect from evil eye.
  • People who are in debt get rid of problems related to debt and money with the help of this gem.
  • If you or someone in your family is very lazy, then it is advised to wear coral stone. Due to the influence of this stone, a person becomes hardworking and he is interested in his work.
  • This stone is beneficial in controlling blood-related problems such as menstruation and blood pressure in women.

How to wear Red Coral Gemstone (Moonga)

A coral ring is worn in copper, gold or panchadhatu. Take a bath on Tuesday morning of Shukla Paksha and sit on a clean seat in the place of worship of the house. Now soak the Red Coral Stone in Gangajal/cowโ€™s milk/fresh water for at least 10 minutes. Chant the mantra โ€˜Om Mangalaya Namahโ€™ for so many 108 times. Burn incense and wear this gem facing the sun.

Why take us

The Red Coral Gemstone of Aries and Scorpio, sent by Hare Krishna Mart are certified and sent by experienced Acharyas and Pandit ji so that you can get the full benefits of this gemstone as soon as possible.

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Q: Is red coral suitable for everyone to wear?
A: No, it is not suitable for everyone to wear. People with a strong Mars influence in their birth chart can benefit from wearing a red coral gemstone.

Q: Can red coral be used for jewelry?
A: Yes, red coral is commonly used for making jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

Q: How much does Coral cost?
A: It's starts from 2,500/- to 8,000/- carat.

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