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Neelam Gemstone (Blue Sapphire Stone)

Neelam Gemstone (Blue Sapphire Stone)

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Neelam Gemstone | Neelam Stone Benefits

Sapphire is a very precious and beautiful gemstone. The grace of Shani Dev himself showers on this stone. Shani Dev is the giver of hard work and if you are not able to get its fruits even after hard work, then you should wear Neelam Gemstone by the grace of Shani Dev. This gem can make you a king overnight.

Neelam Stone Benefits- Blue Sapphire Stone Benefits

  • If someone in the office wants to exercise his power over you and because of this you are not understanding anything, then in this situation Neelam Gemstone/Blue Sapphire Stone can guide you.
  • Wearing a sapphire ring gives the fruits of hard work.
  • If enemies dominate you or some bad incident keeps happening to you, then wearing a sapphire ring can give you relief from all these problems.
  • Wearing this stone gives peace of mind and it is very beneficial for people associated with politics.
  • This stone helps in removing the thoughts related to fear and fear.
  • Sapphire is also worn to improve digestion and boost immunity.
  • Shani’s gemstone Sapphire also protects from evil eye and brings positivity and energy in life.
  • With the effect of Sapphire gemstone, a person is able to take the right decision to improve his life.

How to Wear Neelam Gemstone

Sapphire can be worn in silver or Panchdhatu. This stone can be worn on Krishna Paksha or on any Saturday. On Saturday, wake up early in the morning and take a bath and sit on a clean seat in the worship place of the house. Now take a copper vessel and put Gangajal, Tulsi leaves, raw cow milk, honey and ghee in it. After this, chant ‘Om Shanaishcharaya Namah’ 108 times and wear the sapphire stone.

Neelam Gemstone is a powerful stone for individuals involved in artistic and intellectual pursuits like singing, dancing, medicine, science and more. It empowers them to discover their hidden potential and take their skills to the heights of glory.

To reap the maximum benefits of this gemstone, it is recommended to wear it on Saturday mornings after consulting a renowned astrologer. He or she will suggest the correct metal to pair with the gem.

It is associated with Saturn

The Blue Sapphire gemstone, or Neelam, is associated with the planet Saturn in Vedic astrology. It is believed to help mitigate the malevolent effects of Saturn in one’s horoscope and bring stability, mental clarity, and success in business. It is also reputed to increase a person’s moral code and ethics, enabling them to overcome challenges in their life and become more perseverant.

According to vedic astrology, people born in the month of September are blessed by Lord Saturn with unique energies and protection when they wear this gemstone. This birthstone is also said to mitigate the negative effects of Sade Sati, a life cycle in which Saturn can impose karmic debts and financial losses.

Moreover, this gemstone is suitable for the Virgo ascendant. It helps this native to gain spirituality and occult knowledge. However, it is important to consult a professional astrologer before wearing this stone because it can have negative implications if worn in the wrong way.

Besides this, Aries locals can wear this stone only when Saturn’s significant period is in progress. Similarly, the Gemini ascendant should wear this stone after consulting a celestial prophet. The Scorpio locals should not wear this stone since Saturn does not support this sun sign. In addition, these natives should only wear this gemstone in the aftermath of a three-day period of testing.

It is a good luck stone

Neelam is considered as a good luck stone because it has the power to transform failure into success. It is also believed to bring abundance and wealth into one’s life. In addition to this, it is said to protect a person from all negative energies and bring peace of mind. It is a must-have gemstone for people who want to achieve success in their lives.

One of the main neelam benefits is that it boosts self-confidence and courage. It helps to improve your memory and enhances concentration. The stone is also believed to strengthen your intuition and increase your ability to learn. It can help you find innovative solutions to problems and make smart decisions.

It is also known as a symbol of love, fidelity and devotion. It is believed to help you overcome obstacles in your relationships and increase the stability of marriages. It can also be used to ward off evil eye and negative energy.

If you are looking to purchase a neelam, it is advisable to consult an astrological expert before buying it. The expert will examine your horoscope and recommend the best stone for you. It is important to buy a genuine gem, so make sure to check its color and carat weight. Also, make sure that the neelam you are purchasing has a lab certificate to ensure its authenticity.

It is a stone of wisdom

Neelam gemstone is a natural stone of wisdom, loyalty, and divine connection. Its stunning blue color symbolizes the sky, and its energy uplifts the soul. It also helps people to maintain healthy relationships and to overcome relationship problems with greater ease.

According to vedic astrology, this blue gem increases the focus, concentration, mental strength, and decision-making power of its wearer. It also offers protection against accidents, travel issues, thieves, and other dangers. In addition, it can help in relieving neurological disorders. This is the reason why this gemstone is considered to be one of the most powerful among all Navratnas. However, it is advisable to consult a certified astrologer before wearing this powerful gem.

The mystical power of the Neelam gemstone is unmatched and can change your life for good. This gemstone can help you to be a better person by providing you with the necessary guidance. Moreover, it can give you the ability to reach your goals by helping you to develop spiritually. This is possible because the neelam stone is known to unlock chakras in your body, which will make you more receptive to cosmic vibrations. This will eventually help you to connect with your third eye and gain clarity in thoughts, ideas, visions, and dreams. So, if you are looking for the best place to buy real neelam stone online, look no further than Navratan – the online gem bazaar!

It is a stone of protection

A neelam stone is a highly protective gemstone and protects from enemies, evil eye, hexing, jealousy and other negative energies. It also helps in overcoming mental blockages and improves concentration and focus. The neelam stone is also believed to align the chakras and balance the crown chakra (Sahasrara) that connects us with cosmic energy. This stone can be particularly helpful for individuals working in creative or communication-related fields.

The neelam stone is one of the fastest-acting gemstones and can make a huge difference in your life. It will help you to acquire wealth luck, new opportunities and promotion. It will also strengthen your family relationships and bless you with immense good health. You will also be able to achieve peace of mind and develop spirituality.

The neelam gem can be beneficial for people of all zodiac signs. However, it is especially beneficial for Capricorns and Aquarians, as it enhances their sense of discipline and responsibility. In addition, neelam stones can balance Saturn’s adverse effects in their birth charts and improve their financial fortune.

Why take us from Hare Krishna Mart

Sapphire gems of Aquarius and Capricorn sent by Hare Krishna Mart are certified and sent by experienced Acharyas and Pandit ji so that you can get the full benefits of this gem as soon as possible.


Q: Is Neelam Stone's price fixed? 
No, the price of sapphire stone is according to carat.

Q: How should I clean this?
Clean your Neelam Stone jewelry regularly using a soft brush and mild soap. Proper care helps maintain its luster and shine.

Q: Which zodiac sign wears this stone?
This stone is for Aquriuns and Capricons can wear this stone.

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