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Certified Yellow Sapphire Stone (Yellow Pukhraj Stone Benefits)

Certified Yellow Sapphire Stone (Yellow Pukhraj Stone Benefits)

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Yellow Sapphire Stone | Yellow Pukhraj Stone

Yellow Sapphire is the gem of Jupiter, the guru of the gods. Wearing this stone not only brings blessings of Lord Jupiter but also brings happiness in married life. Knowledge and luck also increase with the effect of this stone. Yellow Sapphire is called ‘Push Raja’ in Sanskrit. Wearing Yellow Sapphire Stone(yellow pukhraj stone) is also beneficial in areas related to Jupiter.

Yellow Sapphire Stone Benefits

  • Girls who are unable to get married or whose married life is not going well, they are benefitted by wearing Pukhraj.
  • For a happy married life, you can wear Yellow Sapphire stone(yellow pukhraj stone), the gemstone of Guru.
  • Wearing Pukhraj increases interest in religious and spiritual works. This gem also increases the prestige in the society.
  • If you have trouble making decisions, then Pukhraj gemstone can solve your problem. Wearing yellow Pukhraj improves decision making ability.
  • Pukhraj gemstone can be worn to get rid of stomach related diseases and disorders.
  • This stone is also worn to increase intellectual ability and intelligence.
  • Pukhraj stone is very beneficial in matters related to law.
  • Parents wishing to fulfill their child’s wishes can wear a ring of Pukhraj gemstone.
  • Yellow Pukhraj stone ring also helps in removing money related problems and increasing prosperity.

How to wear Yellow Sapphire Stone

Yellow Sapphire Stone should be worn on Thursday. Get up on Thursday morning, take a bath and sit on a clean seat in front of the place of worship of your home. Yellow Sapphire Gemstone should be worn only in 5th, 9th or 12th ratti. Take a copper vessel and put Gangajal or raw milk in it and dip the Pukhraj gem in it. Now chant ‘Om Brihaspataye Namah’ 108 times. Light an incense-lamp and take out the Pukhraj and wear it.

Yellow Sapphire Stone Price

the price of our Yellow Sapphire stones ranges from 1500 to 5000 INR, contingent upon the carat you desire. Whether you're seeking a subtle addition or a bold statement piece, our collection caters to all preferences.

Bangkok's influence on these gems ensures that each stone carries a unique story, reflecting the city's rich geological heritage. At Hare Krishna Mart, we take pride in offering you not just a gem, but a piece of art that's been shaped over time.

Explore the elegance and charm of Yellow Sapphire, and let Hare Krishna Mart assist you in finding the perfect piece to enrich your jewelry collection.

Why take us

The Yellow Sapphire Stone of Pisces and Sagittarius, sent by Hare Krishna Mart are certified and sent by experienced Acharyas and Pandit ji, so that you can get the full benefits of this gem as soon as possible.

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