Vaijayanti Mala: Know The Benefits And Importance Of Vaijayanti Mala

In relation to Vaijayanti Mala, a lot of glory has been described in the ancient texts. This garland was gifted by Dhara to Shri Krishna, so this garland was very dear to Shri Krishna. This garland is made from the seeds of Vaijayanti. It is used in worship, Yajna, Havan, Tantra and Satvik Sadhans. Although every human being can wear it, but this garland is very best for Vaishnava devotees and Lakshmi devotees.

Method of wearing Vaijayanti mala

Chant ‘Om Namah Bhagwate Vasudevay’ mantra at least 108 times on the first Friday of Shukla Paksha, after bathing and meditating, then offer sweet food to the poor in a temple, after that this garland should be worn.

For marriage obstruction

If there is a continuous obstacle in the marriage of a boy or a girl, then chant ‘Om Namah Bhagwate Vasudevay’ mantra daily with Vaijayanti Mala and worship a banana tree. By doing this, all kinds of obstacles coming in the marriage are removed and the marriage of the person gets completed soon.

To charm

Shri Krishna is also called Mohan because wherever he used to go, he fascinated everyone. Enemies start behaving friendly by wearing this. Wearing Vaijayanti Mala Benefits increases respect, success in work and mental peace.

To increase self-confidence

If the children are afraid before the examination, then wearing a Vaijayanti Mala to the children is beneficial. At the time of trouble, exhale forcefully and then by turning your hand on the rosary, all kinds of fear go away.

To calm down

Those persons whose mind is continuously disturbed or does not feel like doing any work, then by wearing Vaijayanti Mala on Tuesday, the mind remains calm and positive thoughts come in the mind.

To solve problems

If you are surrounded by problems, then by chanting ‘ऊं नमः भगवते वासुदेवाय’ mantra 2100 times with Vaijayanti Mala and wearing it around your neck, the problems get resolved.

For new energy and consciousness

Wearing Vaijayanti Mala on any auspicious time after meditating on Shri Krishna ji brings new energy and joy in the body. Patience and courage remain in the person.

Where to get the Vaijayanti mala

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