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Original Vaijayanti Mala ( Vaijayanti Mala Benefits )

Original Vaijayanti Mala ( Vaijayanti Mala Benefits )

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What is Original Vaijayanti mala?

Original vaijayanti mala is very revered in Hinduism. This has also been mentioned in ancient texts. It is believed that this garland was given to Lord Krishna by Dhara. That is why this garland is very dear to Lord Krishna. This sacred rosary is prepared from the seeds of Vaijayanti. Along with this, it is used in worship, Yagya, Havan Tantra and other sattvik means. According to astrology, any person can wear this holy rosary. But for those who are Vaishnav and Lakshmi devotees, this garland is considered very auspicious.

How to use vaijayanti mala?

Before installing the Vaijayanti Mala, meditate with this rosary in hand. Think about the things you want to transmit or receive from this rosary.

By wearing a Vyjayanthi garland on Monday or Tuesday, negativity ends in life and success in every work starts.

Benefits of vaijayanti mala

  1. Wearing Vyjayanthi garland ends the money crunch. By the grace of Maa Lakshmi, the financial condition becomes strong in a few days.
  2. Wearing Vyjayanthi garland keeps the mind calm and help people not get angry very soon.
  3. Such people who are very active in social life, they should also wear Vaijayanti garland. Due to this, their prestige increases day by day.
  4. Working women also benefit greatly from wearing Orginal Vaijayanti Mala.
  5. The person wearing it gets victory in every sphere of life. This garland can also be used to get success in love.
  6. The planetary defects of the horoscope are removed by Vaijayanti Mala. If there is any planetary defect in your horoscope and because of that problems are coming in your life, then you should wear Vaijayanti Mala. Its pearls will protect you from trouble.
  7. After wearing the Vyjayanthi Mala, no harm of any kind can touch the person.
  8. If there is a delay in marriage, then on Thursday or Friday, by law, wear a Vaijayanti Mala. The relationship will be confirmed in a few days.
  9. People who are associated with art, writing or any other creative work, they will get new ideas by wearing this garland.
  10. At the same time, after proving the seeds of Vaijayanti with Lakshmi mantra, keep it at the place of keeping money in the house or shop. With this always the grace of Maa Lakshmi remains.
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