Why Neelam Is Your Stone If You Match The Following Traits?

It is said that it is very difficult to please Shani Dev, the giver of Karma. Lord Shani gives fruits to a person according to his deeds. At the same time, due to the change of Shani in the horoscope, Saturn’s half-and-half or Shani’s bed starts on a person. When a half-and-a-half or Dhaiya planet starts on a person, then the work done by him also starts deteriorating. Along with this, family and financial crisis starts.

Neelam Stone Benefits

As known, in April Saturn will enter Aquarius from Capricorn. When Saturn enters Aquarius, the people of Gemini and Libra will get freedom from the bed. While Saturn’s half-and-a-half will start on Pisces and Sagittarius. Let us know how beneficial wearing Shani Ratna Blue Sapphire can be to avoid the Mahadasha of Shani. According to astrology, the effect of Saturn can be reduced by wearing blue sapphire, the gemstone of Saturn.

Neelam Stone Benefits starts showing its effect within 24 hours. If it is not suitable for you, then you will start feeling discomfort in the eyes. Along with this, accidents and physical pain also start increasing. Therefore, after knowing the condition of Saturn in your horoscope, wear it only after taking opinion from an expert.

 People for whom Neelam is favourable, they get many auspicious results. Wearing this gives some relief from health-related problems.
 Along with wearing the gem, the person starts getting all of the Neelam Stone Benefits and there are signs of progress in job, business.
 If a woman or man is a victim of depression, then they must wear blue sapphire. Sapphire will calm your mind and you will feel relaxed.
 Apart from this, people who feel nervous or afraid at night. If they wear it, they definitely get all the Neelam Stone Benefits.
 People who lack patience and are in a hurry to do every work, then such people get patience by wearing blue sapphire. By wearing blue sapphire, there is sweetness and seriousness in a person’s speech as well as an increase in values.

Who should wear blue sapphire-

1. People with Taurus, Libra, Scorpio and Aries must wear blue sapphire, wearing it will open their luck and bring positivity in life.
2. In whose horoscope Saturn is predominant and is sitting in the main position, then it is considered best for such people to wear blue sapphire.
3. If Saturn is present in the fourth, fifth, tenth and eleventh house, then blue sapphire should be worn.
4. If Saturn is located in Aries, then sapphire should be worn. Neelam Stone Price would differ from quality to sources as well.
5. If Saturn is debilitated, retrograde, debilitated or weak in the horoscope, wearing Blue Sapphire in such a situation also gives more benefits.
6. People doing violent acts must wear blue sapphire.
7. People who have Saturn’s dasha or dhaiya going on in their life, it is very important to wear it, they will get immense benefits by wearing it.
8. If Shani is with Ashtamesh or Shashthesh then it is good to wear it, apart from this it can be worn even if Shani is in sixth or eighth house.
9. Capricorn and Aquarius people can also wear blue sapphire.

Neelam Stone price

Who should not wear blue sapphire-

1. According to Lal Kitab, if Saturn is in the fifth or eleventh house of the Ascendant, then sapphire should not be worn. Also check for the Neelam Stone Price before you purchase it from a source.
2. If Saturn is the master of good feelings and is in a weak state, then according to the advice of a knowledgeable astrologer, blue sapphire should be worn.
3. Sapphire should not be worn if Saturn has aspect relationship with Mars, Sun and Moon.


How to invite or prove Shani Ratna Neelam?

You can put blue sapphire above 5 ratti, if you are taking very high-quality blue sapphire, then you can put less than 5 ratti. Keep Neelam Ratna in a bowl and take milk, desi ghee, honey, sugar candy, and gangajal in it.
Their quantity should be such that the sapphire ring or pendant gets immersed in it. Then after worshiping your favorite God, chant this mantra of Shani Dev “Om Pran Prim Praun Sa: Shanishcharaya Namah” 3100 times and then take out the sapphire stone from the bowl and wear it after washing it with Gangajal by showing incense or incense sticks. And put that bowl mixture in basil plant. The auspicious Nakshatras for wearing Blue Sapphire are Pushya, Uttarabhadrapada, Chitra, Swati, Dhanishtha and Shatabhisha.

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