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Brass Cow And Calf Idol

Brass Cow And Calf Idol

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What are the benefits of Brass Cow and Calf Idol?

The ancient and traditional Indian architectural system known as vastu was influenced by myths and ancient scriptures. Now, among other things, it emphasises the importance of putting a statue of a cow and calf in your home or place of business because it grants wishes. According to its beliefs, one must bring a statue of the Wish-fulfilling Cow and its calf, Nandini, home in order for it to bring luck, prosperity, tranquilly, and an overall sense of well-being to your home and your family in addition to granting your desires. It also goes by the name “mother figure.” All evils and bad omens are said to be repelled from your home by the cow and calf statue.

Advantages of owning a Brass Cow and Calf Idol

If you have a cow or calf statue at your house or place of business, your desires are also fulfilled. Hinduism regards statues of cows and calves as sacred. The cow and calf statue is believed to expel all ailments, negative energy, and bad omen from your home or place of business. Placing the cow and calf statue at your residence will improve your life’s health, riches, peace, and positivity.

For couples who are having trouble getting pregnant, the Brass Cow and Calf Idol are beneficial. Positioning an idol of the Kamadhenu cow, particularly the one that also has its calf, Nandini, can support bringing prosperity, good fortune, and peace into your home, according to the principles of Vastu Shastra.

The cow and calf statue, sometimes referred to as Kamadugha, Savala, or Kamaduh, is helpful for lowering mental stress, problems with money, and health issues, as well as for preserving peace and prosperity. Your home’s cow and calf statue, which is a combination of Goddess Lakshmi, is revered as the panacea for all diseases and bad eyes.

The god of wealth is the goddess, Lakshmi. So, when it is kept in a household, it eases all elements of health: mental, emotional, financial, and physical. The cow and calf sculptures, carriers of general health, wealth, and wellbeing, will assist you in bringing the following favourable influences into your house and place of business:

  1. Health
  2. Wealth
  3. Prosperity
  4. Peace
  5. Success
  6. Positivity

Cow and calf statue placement: A cow and calf statue should be placed in the North-East corner of your home, according to Vastu principles. According to Hindu mythology, the northeast is a sacred location only for Gods, so placing the cow and calf statue, which symbolises all Gods, in the north-east area will have a positive impact on your life.

Brass cow and calf idol can be placed in front of the house’s front door or entrance. Cow and calf statues are sometimes maintained at the entryway since they are seen to be auspicious and ensure prosperity and tranquilly in your home. Cow and calf statues are symbolic of wealth and prosperity. If you have a puja or prayer area, a cow and calf statue would look great there.

According to the guidelines, the optimum location for a statue of a cow and calf is in Ishan Kon, or the northeast corner of your home. According to Indian culture and beliefs, Ishan Kon is a holy site reserved for gods. Putting the cow and calf statue that carries all gods in the northeast direction is the perfect possibility for wealth earning.

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