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Brass Designer Handmade Pooja Ghanti Bell

Brass Designer Handmade Pooja Ghanti Bell

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Benefits of Pooja Ghanti:

If we go to any temple, then we definitely get the pooja ghanti there, not only in the temples but we also ring the bell while worshiping at home. Although we worship God with things like incense, lamp, incense sticks etc., but the bell is considered very important. Ringing of bells at the time of worship is considered auspicious and this practice has been going on since ancient times, so surely there must be some reason behind it. First of all, let us tell you that there are four types of bells: Garuda Bell, Door Bell, Hand Bell and Ghanta. 1. Garuda bell is small, which we play with our hands. 2. The door bell is both big and small, which are hung on the door. 3. The hand bell is like a solid brass plate, which is played by tapping it with a wooden mattress. 4. The bell is very big, its sound goes far.

Benefits of Pooja Ghanti

  1. Bell is a special kind of sound which purifies the surrounding environment. This always keeps the environment pure and pure. It is said that ringing a bell creates a vibration in the atmosphere.
  2. Due to the spread of this vibration in the atmosphere, bacteria, viruses, such micro-organisms etc. get destroyed and the atmosphere becomes pure.
  3. There is a rule to ring the bell while performing aarti in the worship room or temple of the house only in the morning and evening. That too rhythmic and due to this, our mind becomes calm and stress is removed.
  4. Negative energies are removed from the places where the sound of bell ringing comes regularly. Removal of negativity opens up through prosperity. It also removes all kinds of Vastu defects.
  5. According to Skanda Purana, by ringing the bell, the sins of one’s hundred births are destroyed.
  6. It is also said that ringing the Pooja Ghanti marks your presence in front of the gods. The bell or bell is also considered a symbol of time.
  7. It is believed that even when the time of Holocaust comes, a similar sound will appear, if you are getting failure in every work and even after making lakhs of efforts, your work is not getting done, then on Saturday or Tuesday, a brass pooja ghanti will be heard by someone.
  8. Donate to the temple. By doing this all your problems will go away and your stalled work will also start getting done.
  9. Apart from this, if you want to progress in your life, then rings the bell every day at the time of aarti after worshiping God. This will open the closed doors of luck forever.

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