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Gold plated rudraksha Bracelet

Gold plated rudraksha Bracelet

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Why people choose to wear gold plated kada: The facts you would love

Gold plated kada has become a fashion statement and something that every woman loves. In the previous days, gold was not used as a fashion item. Gold jewelleries were looked at due of its significance rather than a manifestation of a fashion statement then. Moreover, the way you look at things must have changed, the importance and impact of the wearing gold remains the same even today. Taking from the ancient times, advantages of gold like healing and curing properties are always known, and you’d be surprised to know how gold can actually improve your overall well-being. Thus, one of the researchers confirmed that wearing gold on skin can improve and reduce rheumatoid arthritis symptoms in a considerable proportion of sufferers. Long experience has also indicated that there are very few adverse side effects seen by gold plated kada wearers, even over long periods of time. 


Healing functions of Gold plated kada

If an individual took pure gold (24-karat gold) and put it on an area of infection or a sore spot, it is said that it will help heal the disease, wound and control infection. Yet, in olden times, it was considered that gold possessed an energy that brought warm, soothing vibes to the body to help healing, for when the body relaxes and the blood vessels in the cells aren’t as confined, blood can move through the tissue spaces more quickly. Because all healing is the growth of new cells replicating the dead cells, the body would heal much better and faster, just as those people who have understood to meditate and use the other several parts of relaxation can proof. 

Relaxing Effect

Gold is considered to have a relaxing effect. While you feel something made of 24-karat gold it will have a soft, velvety texture. Not anything else feels like pure gold. Yet it loses its productivity when combined with other metals. Gold is a very good de-stressor; because ancient time gold has been suggested for lifting up your mental attitude and emotional being. 

Has no negative effects at all

Gold plated kada is an all-natural mineral that is non-toxic and exhibits no interactions with other drugs, and is simply tolerated by the body. Hence, there are no side-effects of wearing gold. 

Blood Circulation in body

Use gold to enhance blood circulation which in turn controls the oxygen flow to every part of the body. This assist to keep yourself fit and away from sicknesses and other weakness and maintain good health of a person overall.
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