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Brass Punjabi Kada Bracelet

Brass Punjabi Kada Bracelet

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What is Brass Punjabi Kada?

The long-term goal for motivating the study of medicinal bracelets is of an attractive, simple, easy-to-use, safe, originally effective kind of medicine, one you can wear on your wrist. Medicinal bracelets also have much to teach us association with the deeper patterns of physiology and nutrition. The case for Brass Punjabi Kada seems self-evident. Everyone should recognize that a Brass Kada that could, for example, suppress pain in arthritis would convey highly attractive advantages. Rather than having repeatedly to purchase drugs with inevitable side effects and then dose them correctly. One should simply make a one-time acquisition of a bracelet and wear it with almost no further thought.

Benefits of Brass Punjabi Kada –

  1. The bracelet would carry the beauty of jewelry and eliminate the risk of children overdosing on their parents’ supplements.
  2. A kada that is made of iron and zinc could help solve major problems of health in a neat and satisfactory way.
  3. bracelets can boost much better patient adherence than oral medications since they are easy to wear and enjoy an image of a being natural remedy.
  4. The “Brass Punjabi Kada” is like the Stabilizer for the Human body. It offers a balance of the cosmic rays present in the atmosphere, in the body.
  5. People say that if water is kept in a copper utensil, it becomes good for health. It is due to the water absorbs traces of copper, which go in the body and offers resistance power to it.
  6. In the same manner, when you wear the this Kada, the copper which remains in continuous contact with the body, is very slowly absorbs by the body, through the skin, thus providing it the required resistance strength.
  7. Very tiny traces of silver are also absorbed by the body which are very good for the body and this is a scientific phenomenon.
  8. In very big buildings, a Trident of copper is place on the roof and a thick copper wire connected to it, goes all the way into the ground. It is due to the copper, that is a good conductor of electricity and ultimately provides protection to the buildings against lightning.
  9. In case of lightning, the copper Trident on top of the building absorbs the complete impact, and passes it to the ground through the thick copper wire connected to it, thereby earthing the whole current and protecting the building.

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