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Brass Radha Krishna Murti

Brass Radha Krishna Murti

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What are the blessings you can get by placing Brass Radha Krishna Murti in your house?

Lord Krishna is revered as the God of wealth, love, and prosperity and has a huge worldwide following. Many of us carry home an idol of Lord Krishna, no matter how big or small, to worship to them. Some people also purchase the idol because they find it attractive. His idol is rumoured to bring luck to your house, but did you know that the appropriate positioning and surroundings for the sculptures matter a lot? If you position the Brass Radha Krishna Murti is in the right spot, you can be attracting good luck.

Avoid putting the idol in these spaces and corners

Place the statue of Lord Krishna on the northeast corner, making sure that it faces either eastward or westward. However, you must also take into account the nearby rooms. Never let it be put in a bathroom or bedroom, please. As well, stay away from spaces with adjacent walls.

Check which wall of your house is facing which way as soon as you arrive. As previously noted, the northeast corner of the house is the best location for the idol. For its face, East to West or West to East is OK but never North to South. The Feng Shui principles are fairly similar to this. These instructions and positioning encourage a wholesome and good energy flow while demonstrating reverence for the Krishna statue.

Amount Of Light

The statue needs the right kind of lighting. The statue must be illuminated from the south-easterly direction. If you look, candles and oil lamps are positioned in these positions in temples. Light direction draws positive energy and wonderful vibes into your home. Additionally, it brings happiness and success.

Species of Statue

Similar to Lord Buddha, the kind of Lord Krishna statue you choose depends on your goals. Bring home the young Lord Krishna if you have children or plan to have one soon. But if you want positive energy, bring a statue of Krishna with a calf home.

How To Fulfil Your Mandir with Lord Krishna?

  1. Flute: According to legend, Lord Krishna’s flute unites all people, promoting peace and harmony in the home.
  2. According to Hindu mythology, the cow serves as a symbol for all of Hinduism’s deities, making the cow and calf statue significant. Second, maintain a Brass Radha Krishna Murti, since it is adored butter, milk, butter, and all other dairy products that cows generate.
  3. Peacock Feather: Krishna 3 Because of its allure and Lord Krishna’s magnetic nature, it is thought that having a peacock feather in your home shrine will attract good fortune.
  4. Lotus: This flower is revered for being both gorgeous and beautiful. As it grows in murky waters, it represents life’s struggles while remaining aromatic and aesthetically pleasing. Every day, put a lotus in your temple because it helps people stay stable. But you need to swap it out for a new one every other day.
  5. Making prasad for Lord Krishna is, to put it mildly, a no-brainer, according to Misri and Makhan. Offering misri and white butter-based prasad to Lord Krishna is required. In your home temple, it is essential to store some misri in an airtight container.

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