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Brass Tortoise

Brass Tortoise

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What is Brass Tortoise and its benefits?

Keeping a brass tortoise at home is considered very auspicious in Hinduism. According to religious beliefs, a form of Lord Vishnu was a tortoise. Lord Vishnu in the form of a tortoise held the Mandranchal mountain on his armor during the churning of the ocean. It is said that wherever something happens, Lakshmi arrives there. Keeping a tortoise is also considered very auspicious in Feng Shui. Due to this, the flow of positive energy remains in the home and office. Let us first know its benefits and then the right direction to keep it because keeping it in the wrong direction gives inauspicious results instead of good ones.

According to Feng Shui, idols of many animals are considered auspicious such as green dragon, red phoenix, white tiger and black tortoise. According to Chinese mythology, this spiritual creature is considered a symbol of longevity. It also transmits positive energy in the house. Today we are telling you some tips to understand the benefits and to keep the turtle idol at the right place in the house so that you can take maximum advantage of this principle of Feng Shui.

Where to keep turtle in the house for positive energy

  1. Keep the idol of turtle in the back of the house so that the positive energy remains balanced.
  2. To save the house from negative energy, you should keep the idol of tortoise at the entrance of the house.
  3. Keeping an idol of a turtle near an artificial waterfall or fish tank is very auspicious for the home.
  4. Place a tortoise idol in the ‘Tien Yi’ direction as it will help you fight against illness.
  5. To know your Tien Yi direction, you must know your Kua number, which can be calculated by adding the digits of your year of birth until you get a number.
  6. Now, women should add four to this number while men should subtract 11 from this number to get the Kua number.
  7. If you keep a tortoise figurine near the bed it will help you deal with anxiety and insomnia. You can keep it near your baby’s bed if the baby is afraid to sleep alone.
  8. Don’t keep turtle idol in bathroom or kitchen.
  9. Keeping brass tortoise in east, north or north-west is considered good for home and career.

To fulfill wishes, in which direction should the tortoise be kept in the house?

According to Feng Shui, tortoise is also used to fulfill wishes. However, for this you have to buy such a turtle, which is made of metal and can open. Write your wish on yellow paper and keep it inside the turtle and close it. After this, place the idol of the turtle on a red cloth and keep it at a place where you can see it every day. When your wish is fulfilled then remove the paper from the metal turtle.

Where to put the brass tortoise at home for career growth?

Place a metal statue or painting of a black colored tortoise in the living room or workplace. The tortoise idol should have a Chinese coin in its mouth as it represents an increase in income. For growth in career, place the idol in such a way that it faces the main door of the house. For career growth, keep the black turtle near the fountain or fish tank in the north.

There are different types of tortoises available in the market, which are made of metal, crystal, wood and stone. If you are facing west, keep a stone turtle near the main door. While the metal turtle should be kept in the north or north-west direction. Similarly, the brass tortoise should be placed in South-West or North-West. A wooden turtle can be kept in the east or south-east direction of the house.

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