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Brass Trishakti Yantra Power Symbol for Protection Swastik Om Trishul Symbol

Brass Trishakti Yantra Power Symbol for Protection Swastik Om Trishul Symbol

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What is Brass Trishakti Yantra

Brass Trishakti Yantra is a trident, a weapon of Lord Shiva carried by yogis, is carved on the trishul. It is the Shaiva-regal dharma's sceptre. The three functions—creation, maintenance, and destruction—show that it has power over the entire cosmos. Due to the nature of the product photographic lighting sources, or monitor settings, product colour and size may vary somewhat. This classic trishakthi combination for the Divya Mantra will shield you from negative influences and disseminate the divine energy. This metal pooja yantra has a golden finish that sparkles constantly to bring style and allure wherever it is placed. The trishul is at the top of the classic trisakthi yantra, the om is in the middle, and the swastik is at the bottom. Brass Trishakti Yantra is a potent vastu correction method according to Vastu Shastra. The Swastik, a representation of Ganesha, bestows the wearer with luck, vigour, and the ability to overcome obstacles in all endeavours. It is mostly for intelligence, siddhi, and buddhi. The om symbol, which is thought to be the cosmic seed sound, emits a positive energy into and around your home. You can put it above the main entryway or at a place of worship. As additional security for your home or place of business, you can hang this yantra on both sides of your front entrance.

Beneficial contribution of Brass Trishakti Yantra

    • It is seen to be extremely lucky to hang this spiritual wall hanging outside the front door, as it guards occupants from many forms of evil gaze, drishti, and buri nazar.

    • This metal mask in an ancient style is highly attractive and eye-catching and may be used to decorate your house or place of business.

    • Anyone wishing for a fresh start or someone who has overcome adversity will love receiving it as a gift.

    • This intricately carved temple wall hanging combines the three Trishakthi yantra powers—the trishul, the om sign, and the swastik—and has a glossy golden finish to improve the aesthetics in our home.

    • This vastu display with the om namaste symbol, which purifies the area around you, generates positive vibes, and leads you on a divine journey for increased happiness and enlightenment, adds a touch of mysticism.

    • This Hindu pooja item's trishul symbolises the fundamental three divine ethics of creation, sustenance, and annihilation. Your family and home are protected from misfortune and bad luck by this protective emblem.

    • This entry yantra's swastik symbol is a conventional greeting for all visitors and is strong enough to drive out any ill, evil, and consequences from your life.

    • This Brass Trishakti Yantra can be hung over a wall, door, window, pooja-ghar, car, etc. as a decorative item. Additionally, you can use it as a special gift for any celebration.

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