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Buy Original Shaligram Stone Available in Black and White Color

Buy Original Shaligram Stone Available in Black and White Color

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Original Shaligram Stone

According to the Vedas, the way Shivling is considered a symbol of Lord Shiva, similarly Original Shaligram Stone has been considered as a symbol of "Lord Vishnu".ย  Shaligram is a rare stone found on the banks of Kali Gand river in Muktinath, Nepal. This stone is found in blue, black, brown, white, and lit form. Siddha Shaligram: Shaligram is self-evident in itself, so there is no need to do any prana-pratishtha.ย 

Types of Shaligrams:

According to Indian religious scriptures, Shaligram is worshiped as the form of Lord Vishnu, different types of Shaligram are said to be the form of Lord Vishnu. For example, if Shaligram is round in shape, it is considered to be the Gopal form of Lord Vishnu, if Shaligram is in the shape of a fish, then it is considered a symbol of fish avatar of Lord Vishnu, if Shaligram is in the shape of a tortoise, then He is considered to be a symbol of the tortoise and Kurma incarnation of the Lord. The chakras and ridges emerging on the top of the Shaligram are believed to be the forms of other incarnations of Vishnu such as Rama, Sri Krishna, Narasimha.ย 

Benefits of Original Shaligram Stone

Worshiping Shaligram in the house pacifies all the Vastu defects of the house. Shaligram is the form of Lord Vishnu, so sadhana like Narayan, Vishnu, Lakshmi Krishna can be done easily through Shaligram. If there is a quarrel between husband and wife in the house, if there is no fight between them, then Shaligram must be worshiped at home. Worshiping Shaligram leads to stable Lakshmi in the house, poverty can never enter such a house. Worship of Shaligram is not considered complete without Tulsi, therefore Tulsi must be offered in the worship of Shaligram. By marrying Shaligram and Tulsi, all the absences, discord, sins, sorrows and diseases of life are removed. The marriage of Tulsi and Shaligram gives as much virtue as one gets from donating a daughter.ย 

Shaligram worship

Place a yellow cloth in the place of worship in the house, install Shaligram in a silver or steel plate after bathing it with Panchamrit, apply sandalwood on Shaligram, put a basil leaf in front of Shaligram, While meditating on Lord Vishnu by lighting incense, chant 1, 3, or 5 rosaries of the following mantra with a garland of turmeric, after that do the aarti of Vishnu.
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