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Original Natural Cat Eye Stone Ring (Lehsunia Stone Ring) Adjustable Ring

Original Natural Cat Eye Stone Ring (Lehsunia Stone Ring) Adjustable Ring

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Lehsunia Stone is the gem of the planet Ketu. It is also called Vaidurya, Vaidurya Mani or Cat’s Eye. In the inauspicious state of Ketu in the horoscope, its gem Lehsunia Stone is worn. Ketu is a planet with tamoguni and fire element. Due to the bad position of Ketu in the horoscope, there are many problems in the life of the native. Many effects like instability in work, mind being distracted, economic-mental problems are seen. Ketu’s gem Lehsunia Stone is worn for their peace.

Use of Lehsunia Stone in diseases

Lehsunia Stone is also used in the treatment of many types of diseases. Some strange effects of this are also seen. Wearing Lehsunia Stone around children’s neck cures diseases of breathing, cough, pneumonia etc. By tying Lehsunia Stone in the hair of the woman who is about to give birth, the delivery becomes quick. Wearing Lehsunia Stone in jaundice cures the disease quickly. According to the advice of a qualified Vaidyaraj, consuming Lehsunia Stone ash develops intelligence, improves memory power, increases strength in the body. Its consumption increases appetite and keeps the intestines clean. If Ketu is bad, sudden incidents happen and the person is surrounded by infectious diseases.

Inauspicious positions of Ketu

  • According to astrological texts, wearing Lehsunia Stone removes the malefic effects of Ketu.
  • If Ketu is in the ascendant or fifth house with Saturn in the horoscope, it gives inauspicious results.
  • If Ketu is sitting somewhere in Taurus or Gemini with Venus, then it is inauspicious.
  • If Ketu is sitting with the Sun or in the seventh or eighth house in the birth chart, it gives malefic effects.
  • Enemy zone Ketu being in Aries, Cancer, Leo or Scorpio sign, if it is conjoined with Saturn in the second, third, fifth, seventh house and the Sun aspects it, then in all these situations inauspicious results of its sub-periods are obtained.
  • If Ketu is in the 4th, 8th or 12th house during transit, then Lehsunia Stone should be worn.
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