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Yellow Sapphire Ring For Men And Women

Yellow Sapphire Ring For Men And Women

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Yellow Sapphire(Yellow Sapphire Ring)

Pukhraj is the jewel of Jupiter among the Navaratnas of Navagrahas. It is also called ‘Guru Ratna’. Pukhraj is found in white, yellow, pink, sky, and blue colors. But because of the representative color of Jupiter planet being ‘yellow’, only ‘yellow topaz’ is considered a suitable and favorable gem for this planet. Generally Topaz is found in small quantity in most of the countries of the world, but generally Topaz of Brazil is considered best in quality. By the way, the best quality topaz has also been found in India.

Jupiter, the only major planet among the nine planets of astrology, is called ‘Guru’ because of being the teacher of the deities. This is the main planet, being favorable to which other malefic or cruel planets in the horoscope do not affect the human being. Therefore, before studying the horoscope of any person, the Yogi astrologer first pays attention to the position and strength of Jupiter in that horoscope.

This representative of Jupiter, Pukhraj Ratna in Hindi – Pukhraj, Pushyaraj, Pukhraj; In Sanskrit – Pushyaraj; In English – Topaz or Yellow Sapphire; in Egyptian – Tarshish; in Farsi – Zard Yakut; in Burmese – outfia; In Latin – artillerymen; In Chinese – si leng syak; In Punjabi – Folks; In Gujarati – Peeluraj; In Devanagari – Yellow Sphatik Mathi; In Arabic – Yaqut al-Azrak and in Ceylonese – it is recognized and known by the name of Ratni Pushpargaya.

Identification of Pukhraj Gemstone (Yellow Sapphire Ring)

1. If there is no change in the brightness of topaz even after keeping it in milk for 24 hours, then it will be known as real.
2. If the poison is removed immediately by rubbing topaz on the place where it has been bitten by poisonous insects, then the topaz will be known as real.
3. Real topaz being transparent and smooth, feels heavy when taken in hand.
4. Rubbing with cow dung increases the shine of real topaz.
5. When placed on a white cloth in the sun, yellow aura (rays) emerge from the real topaz.
6. Real topaz does not crackle when heated in fire, as well as its color changes to completely white.
7. There is definitely some fiber in the real topaz, even if it is small?

Benefits of Pukhraj Ratna

Being the representative gem of Jupiter, wearing smooth, shiny, watery, transparent and good yellow colored topaz increases business and business. It has also been considered a factor of progress in the field of studies and education. Due to Jupiter being the planet of a son, wearing it increases progeny. Couples wishing to have a son or child must wear flawless yellow topaz. It protects from evil spirits. By wearing this, wealth-glory and opulence is attained easily.

In the condition of weak Jupiter, wearing flawless topaz is very beneficial. This gem gives happiness in marriage to unmarried people (especially girls), happiness of children and happiness of husband to housewives, happiness in married life to couples and immense benefits to businessmen. By wearing this, one gets freedom from many types of physical, mental, intellectual and divine sufferings.

Who should wear Pukhraj stone

If Jupiter is in auspicious position in the horoscope, yellow topaz should be worn to increase its effect and to remove defects if it is inauspicious or in a low zodiac sign. It must be worn in Jupiter’s Mahadasha and Antardasha also. People with Sagittarius, Cancer, Aries, Scorpio and Pisces Ascendant or Rashi can also benefit by wearing it. If the birthday is Thursday, Pushya Nakshatra, or the birth Nakshatra is Punarvasu, Vishakha or Purva Bhadrapada, only then wearing Pukhraj is beneficial. In whose horoscope, Jupiter is Kendra or Trikonastha or lord of these breasts or Jupiter is Lagnesh or main house in the horoscope, then those people must take advantage by wearing flawless and yellow topaz.

Method of wearing Pukhraj stone

Pukhraj stone should be fixed in a gold ring and should be worn on the index finger of the right hand on Thursdays in the bright fortnight after bath and meditation. Topaz should be inserted in the ring in such a way that the lower end of the stone remains open and touches the finger. For making a ring, a transparent, aliphatic and flawless topaz of at least four carats or four ratti or more should be taken.

On a Thursday or in Gurupushya Nakshatra, a topaz ring should be made usually between sunrise to eleven o’clock. After that, the ring should be first washed with Ganges water, then with raw milk and again with Ganges water and chanting the mantra of Jupiter (Om Brih Brihaspataye Namah) or (Om Gran Green Gran Sah Guruve Namah). After wearing the ring, a Brahmin must be given the appropriate Dakshina (yellow cloth, gram pulse, turmeric, sugar, yellow flower and Guru Yantra etc.).

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