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Copper Fengshui Tortoise

Copper Fengshui Tortoise

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What are the benefits of Copper Fengshui Tortoise?

A Copper Fengshui Tortoise is gifted with long life therefore in Vastu Shastra and in Feng Shui it symbolises longevity. Tortoise functions as an help to Vastu correction as it has tremendous power to balance and please the environment around us. Placement: Placing a turtle image or showpiece in the South East wealth sector attracts wealth luck and protects the wealth of the owner.

Placing it under the bed or near bed assists you sleep better at night. When left on the work desk, it promotes success, fame, and career luck. Maintaining a tortoise in the east area of the house enhances and supports a healthy atmosphere. Because of photographic lighting sources or the settings on your monitor, the colour of the product may differentiate somewhat.

Major benefit of Copper Fengshui Tortoise –

Wherever you desire to send divine energy and good fortune, this lovely pure copper turtle and copper pond dish lends a regal appeal for bedroom, home, or business design. represents success, money, and power. As it has great power to balance and harmonise the environment around us, the tortoise aids in Vastu repair.

Placement of Copper Fengshui Tortoise:

  1. Placing a turtle sculpture or showcase in the South East wealth area would bring good fortune and safeguard the owner’s money.
  2. You sleep better at night if the object is placed under the bed or next to the bed. When left on the work desk, it promotes success, fame, and career luck. The east side of the house benefits from and encourages a healthy atmosphere when a tortoise is kept there.
  3. The turtle or tortoise improves luck. According to Feng Shui, this heavenly animal bestows upon its possessor wealth, sound sleep, longevity, a healthy lifestyle, financial success, and career advancement.
  4. According to Chinese folklore, a tortoise can live three times as long as a crane! The tortoise is a feng shui talisman of protection and immunity from evil intents. According to Indian and Chinese traditions, it is a sign of longevity and long, healthy lives.
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