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Crystal Hanging Ball

Crystal Hanging Ball

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Crystal Hanging Ball

According to Vastu keeping a crystal ball at home is considered very auspicious. It increases positive energy. It should be kept in the east direction. Let’s know its benefits. It is said that in a house where there is love between the elders and the younger ones, there is harmony in the family. In that house all kinds of comforts and facilities keep on developing automatically, but in the house where there are daily fights and quarrels, there is a heap of problems.

You can place the crystal ball in the study room of the children. It transmits positive energy. Due to this, children study more diligently. Crystal ball can help you avoid such troubles and create mutual understanding in the family. Place a crystal ball in the living room or hall of your home. Place it in such a direction from where the sunlight directly enters your home and fall on the Crystal Hanging Ball. You can hang the crystal ball on the main gate of your house.

Crystal ball absorbs negative energy around it and transmits positive energy. If you have differences with your partner, then keep the crystal ball in your bedroom. Turn it clockwise three times a day. This will bring sweetness in your relationship. According to Feng Shui, there are many things that you get many benefits by applying or keeping in the house. By applying these things, the negative energy of your house ends, as well as success in every work starts very soon.

What are the benefits of Crystal Hanging Ball?

According to Feng Shui, one of the things that help you to remove negative energy by is by Crystal Hanging Ball in the house.

  1. It is said about applying Crystal Balls in the house that you never have to face the problem of money and money.
  2. Apart from the main gate of your house, you can put these crystal balls outside every room inside the house as well.
  3. By putting Crystal Balls outside in the living form of the house, love and harmony towards each other in the family also increases.
  4. Applying Crystal Balls at the bedroom gate improves the relationship between husband and wife and ends fights.
  5. If Crystal Balls are placed on the main door of the house, then your house will be protected from evil eyes which are the main cause of negative energy.
  6. In Vastu, these crystal balls are considered to be the most effective tools to eliminate negative energy, hence applying it is beneficial.
  7. Fengshui Vastu says that placing crystal balls in the east direction of the house is beneficial because most of the negative energy is eliminated by placing them in this direction.
  8. It is considered good to put Crystal Hanging Ball in the children’s room, this keeps the children’s mind focused towards studies.
  9. To strengthen the economic condition, Crystal Hanging Ball at the place where cupboard or vault is kept is beneficial.
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