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Crystal Tortoise for Luck and Gift Purposs

Crystal Tortoise for Luck and Gift Purposs

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What are the benefits of keeping crystal tortoise in home?

In Hinduism, the tortoise is considered an incarnation of Vishnu. It is included in the ten incarnations of Vishnu. Tortoise emerged from the churning of the ocean as the second incarnation. It is believed that Lord Vishnu came in the form of tortoise and held the Mandar Mountain on his back.

That’s why it is worshiped even today. Apart from this, tortoise is also considered auspicious in Vastu Shastra. According to Vastu, it is auspicious to keep a metal tortoise in the house. Vastu defects are removed by keeping a crystal tortoise at home or office. Know how it is auspicious to keep a crystal tortoise at home or office.

Crystal Tortoise Benefits

  1. If sleeping near the pillow, the problem of sleeplessness goes away.
  2. Keeping a crystal tortoise in a yellow-coloured cloth in the temple of the house brings auspiciousness.
  3. To gain money, the crystal turtle should be kept in the safe.
  4. To keep peace and happiness in the family, keep it in the main room.
  5. According to Vastu Shastra, keeping the turtle in the north direction increases wealth. Apart from this, one also gets rid of enemies.
  6. Keeping a crystal turtle on the table in the office brings economic progress. Along with this, the stalled work gets completed.

Where to keep Crystal tortoise in the house?

  1. Important in both Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui, the material of the tortoise also has an impact on its placement. For example, a tortoise made of clay or terracotta should be placed in the north-east, center or south-west direction.
  2. An idol made of crystal should be placed in the North-West or South-West.
  3. For a tortoise made of wood, the direction is east or south-east and for a tortoise made of metals, it is north and north-west.
  4. Metal turtles should always keep their feet immersed in water. Fill water in a metal utensil or bowl and put a turtle in it. This drives more happiness and prosperity in the house.
  5. Placing a turtle idol near an artificial waterfall or a fish tank is considered very lucky for the home.
  6. If you keep a tortoise near the bed, it will help you cope with anxiety and insomnia. You can keep it near your baby’s bed in case he is scared to sleep alone.
  7. Do not keep the tortoise in the bathroom or kitchen.
  8. Never keep broken, cracked or broken tortoise idols in the house.
  9. Placing Tortoise in East, North or North-West is considered good for home and career.
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