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Gold Plated Chain For Men

Gold Plated Chain For Men

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Benefits of gold plated chain for men!

There are a lot of medicinal properties in gold; this fact has been revealed in many researches. According to Ayurveda, apart from gold ashes, gold plated chain for men also benefits a person. They claim that it will be beneficial if women wear gold jewellery while touching the body; often women wear gold jewelery over clothes. In earlier times, queens used to wear gold ornaments by touching them with the body, the reason behind which was to acquire medicinal properties.

Gold jewellery should always be worn touching the body. In Ayurveda it is called Sannikarsha. Being in contact with the body, the gold provides medicinal properties and also increases the immunity of the body. During the reign of kings and kings, queens used to wear gold ornaments touching their bodies. Due to the fashion, now women wear it over the clothes. In China, jewellery is worn more for brain benefits and physical beauty.

Know the benefits of wearing gold plated chain for men

  1. Wearing gold earrings in one ear gives relief from gynecological diseases, ear diseases, depression etc.
  2. If slim people want to gain weight, start wearing gold. Soon you will start gaining weight.
  3. Wearing gold increases the concentration of the mind. For this, gold should be worn on the index finger.
  4. Sleeping will also give you relief from cold and respiratory diseases. Those people who are troubled by these diseases should wear a gold ring in the ring finger.
  5. If you are thin and even after taking all the measures, you are not able to gain weight, and then start wearing gold. By doing this you may gain weight.
  6. Heart diseases are also removed by wearing gold.
  7. People who wear gold have good blood circulation. This allows oxygen to flow to every part of the body.
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