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Golden Metal Tortoise on Glass Plate For Good Luck Feng shui Gift Item For Vaastu Home Decor

Golden Metal Tortoise on Glass Plate For Good Luck Feng shui Gift Item For Vaastu Home Decor

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What is Metal Tortoise and its positive effects?

Keeping a metal tortoise increases the good luck of a person, opens the way for positive thoughts, and at the same time you get the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. Many people consider the tortoise as the form of Lakshmi. According to the scriptures of our Indian culture, keeping a metallic tortoise in the house is considered very auspicious. It is said that Lord Vishnu resides in it. Through which Maa Lakshmi is pleased with you and at the same time there is communication of positive energy in your life. In earlier times, people used to keep tortoises in their homes. Keeping it was considered very auspicious. And this statue has been going on for many years. But due to lack of space, now people prefer to keep a tortoise made of metal.

It is very good for luck

Time has changed the human being so fast. Due to which the techniques of the person also changed. Now people wear turtle designed ring to brighten their luck. Which people also take advantage of. According to Feng Shui and religious beliefs, keeping a tortoise at your home or workplace is beneficial in many ways. Putting a tortoise has a positive effect on the family members. According to Feng Shui science, by keeping a tortoise, the life of the people of the house is long, there is also happiness and peace in the house. Also, it is auspicious for business. Today we will tell you how keeping a turtle at home can be beneficial for you.

Brings prosperity

Turtle is also mentioned in mythological texts. According to Hinduism, the tortoise is also considered auspicious and auspicious because Lord Vishnu himself took the form of a tortoise known as his Kurma avatar. Lord Vishnu in the form of a tortoise held the Mandranchal mountain on his armor during the churning of the ocean of Kshirsagar. That’s why keeping a tortoise is auspicious to maintain happiness and prosperity in your business and home. It is beneficial to put on the main door.

How to keep metal turtle and its benefits:

Keep the turtle like this

Tortoise is a calm creature that lives for a long time. A photo of a tortoise or a tortoise made of Ashtadhatu can also be kept in the temple of the house. The turtle should be kept in a metal vessel filled with water.

Don’t keep in the bedroom

According to Vastu, the north direction is auspicious. That’s why you should put the picture of the turtle in the north direction only because the north direction is considered to be the direction of Goddess Lakshmi. By doing this, wealth is gained and enemies are destroyed. Placing a picture of a metal tortoise on the main gate of the house and shop brings financial gain and success in business.

Tortoise is an indicator of getting money, if someone has money related problems, then he should bring a crystal turtle. According to Feng Shui, turtle should never be kept in your bedroom as doing so can be harmful according to Feng Shui. This can have the opposite effect. The best place to install a tortoise is the drawing room of the house. The turtle kept at home should face the inside of the house.

Grows old

Keeping a turtle also increases the age of the members of the house because the turtle is also a long-lived animal. Tortoise lives long and good luck also increases, so having it in home or office is considered beneficial.

Peace prevails in the house

If there are fights and quarrels between the family members in someone’s family, then a pair of 2 turtles should be kept in the house. By doing this, the ongoing rift between the members of the house will end and love will increase. Keeping a metal tortoise at home keeps peace. Mutual love grows. By keeping a tortoise, troubles and evil forces go away.

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