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Original Energised Set Of 21 Gomati Chakra For Mystic Lakshmi Puja

Original Energised Set Of 21 Gomati Chakra For Mystic Lakshmi Puja

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What is Gomati Chakra?

A rare member of the Turbinidae family of sea snails, the gomti chakra is also known as the cow’s eye shell, cat’s eye shell, and Naag Chakra. They resemble a spiral shell and are primarily white in color. Due to its resemblance to Lord Krishna’s heavenly weapon, it is also known as the Sudarshan Chakra. Since then, this priceless stone has played a key role in a variety of auspicious rituals, enabling people to pull off the seemingly impossible. Additionally, it aids in removing Sarpa Dosha or Naag Dosh, according to Vedic astrologers.

The benefits of Gomti Chakra

You could be astounded by the number of well-known people, from various professions or walks of life, who support using this mysterious sea shell. As was also mentioned, the gomti chakra has many benefits, including opening the owner’s luck bottle. Additionally, it shields against the evil eye and encourages positivity. Let’s dive into it more elaborately.

  1. Gomti chakras act as a lucky charm, providing you extra chances for development.
  2. Pandits love to combine Shaligrams and gomti chakra in most Vedic rites because it bestows Lord Vishnu’s blessings.
  3. Gomti chakra jewellery aids in clearing the aura.
  4. To spare their kids from needless suffering, many astrologers advise parents to make them wear a gomti chakra.
  5. While for adults, it contributes to their wealth, health, and prosperity.
  6. Due to its extraordinary properties, many sadhus and sadhviji use it as a Yantra during puja.
  7. Gomti Chakra is very helpful for well-being and health.

The provision of good health is just one of the many advantages that this magical stone offers. Anyone who frequently experiences health problems must apply the gomti chakra treatment. By tying a silver gomti chakra beneath the ill person’s bed, one can see wonders.

Rekindling romance and love in marriages. Married couples must continue to feel passionate and in love with one another. And if the spark disappears, it could leave an unbridgeable gap that can result in separation. In order to deal with it, it is suggested that they put 11 gomti stones in a fresh set of vermillion cases. A jar, plenty of red sindoor, and 21 gomti chakras are required. To store it in your house, put the sindoor and gomti chakras in the jar. Your family will experience enduring harmony and joy thanks to this cure.

Getting rid of unwelcome fear in children by chanting the Hanuman Chalisa with Ganga Jal will help children overcome fear by purifying one of their gomti chakras. Then, using sindoor that was taken from the right side of the image of Lord Hanuman, you must apply it. Finally, use black thread to secure it around your kids’ necks. Gomti Chakra is needed for Evil Eye Removal. You’ll need 21 gomti chakras that have been cleansed with Ganga Jal to eliminate the evil eye. After that, rotate them seven times around your head in a clockwise pattern before discarding them far from your home in a deserted region. Also, keep in mind not to turn around on the way home.

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