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Gomti Chakra Or Naag-chakra Pendant

Gomti Chakra Or Naag-chakra Pendant

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What is Naag-Chakra Pendant?

Naag-Chakra Pendant is a very beneficial and oyster-like stone found in rivers. Whose real origin is believed to be in the Gomti River, hence it has been named Gomti Chakra. It is also seen in the scriptures as Gaumata. It is also the favorite chakra of Lord Krishna. According to the scriptures, when a cow drinks water in the river, the fan generated by its cud gets stuck in the whirlpool of the river. Over time, the sand particles of the river also get mixed in this vortex and it changes in the form of a circle and settles in the river bed.

After drying the water of the river, this stone is found buried in the sand, which we know as Gomati Chakra. This Gomti Chakra originated from the wonderful process of nature has proved to be extremely beneficial in human life. Sometimes, despite hard work, you do not get proper success and have to go through financial constraints. Or you have to face continuous loss in business. So, we are going to tell you some such simple measures, using which you will soon get financial success.


  1. If you do not have money in your hands, then on the first Friday of any month, tie 11 energized Naag-Chakra in a yellow cloth. After meditating on Maa Lakshmi, worship duly. Take three chakras from the bundle and tie it in a red cloth and keep it at the place of keeping money. Let the three chakras remain at the place of worship. Take four chakras and bury one chakra under the ground or any heavy object in the four corners of your house. Now offer the remaining one Gomati Chakra in any temple with your auspicious resolutions. After a few days, you will start getting the benefits.
  2. On the first Monday of any month, anoint 11 Naag-Chakra, tilak with turmeric and tie it in a yellow cloth. After meditating on Lord Shiva, throw it in a river or running water. Within a few days, business will increase and profit will start.
  3. On any auspicious day, worship three small coconuts and 11 Naag-Chakra Pendant Tie coconut and Naag-Chakra in yellow cloth and hang it on the door of your office. This process will also save your business from eye defects and soon the doors of closed fortune will open.
  4. After duly worshiping 11 Naag-Chakra, tie it in a red cloth. Keep this bundle safe in the vault or wherever you keep money, by doing this your wealth will increase.
  5. If there is an obstacle in promotion in the job, go to any Shiva temple and pray with a sincere heart and offer the Naag-Chakra on the Shiva Linga. You will definitely get success by the grace of Mahadev.
  6. For monetary gains, keep 11 Naag-Chakra in your house of worship on any auspicious day and chant Om Shree Namah. This will increase your interest in your work as well as monetary gains.
  7. If someone has a problem of Vata, then mixing the ashes of Naag-Chakra with honey and applying it on the nails of the feet provides relief. It has also been found to increase the eyesight.
  8. In case of any stomach related disease, keep ten Naag-Chakra soaked in water at night. Consuming this water on an empty stomach in the morning gives relief from disease.
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