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Green Hakik Mala for Budh (Mercury)

Green Hakik Mala for Budh (Mercury)

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What is Green Hakik Mala for Budh?

Green Hakik Mala for Budh is found in many colors, of which the main colors are of six types. These colors are black, white, yellow, red, green and blue. It is recommended to wear different colors of hakik to get relief from the sufferings of different planets, but a garland made of hakiq grains of all colors is worn to get rid of more problems. It is said that those who wear Hakik are blessed by Lord Shiva and Hanumanji. Green Hakik Mala for Budh is a symbol of courage and success. Fearlessness comes in the person wearing it. He easily overcomes the toughest of situations. Women must wear this.

This gives them relief in menopause and other gynecological problems. It also reduces pain during delivery. White Hakik increases the self-control of a person. This increases confidence. Spirituality increases and eating it improves the balance of heart and mind. It helps in reduces emotional and mental stress. Yellow husky increases the capacity of the heart. The heartbeat is balanced and courage is infused in the person. It provides relief in diseases related to throat. Sleeping by keeping it under the pillow removes the problem of insomnia and brings good dreams.

Regulates the circulation of blood in the body Red Hakik is a boon for those who suffer from health problems keep battling. It regulates the circulation of blood in the body. Cures diseases related to epilepsy, gynecology and skin. Hare Haqeeq has tremendous healing properties. It gives relief from mental troubles. Keeps the brain healthy and fertile and also strengthens the decision making ability of the person. A sense of determination is created. Concentration increases. Blue Hakik Prevents Nightmares Blue Hakik Prevents Nightmares.

It especially comes with love, vashikaran and good luck. Wearing it creates a magnetic effect in the person’s personality. Wearing Hakik Mala of all mixed colors balances the whole life of a person. Here are the benefits of Green Hakik Mala for Budh:

  1. It makes Mercury stronger and improves saves.
  2. Enhances commercial interactions.
  3. The wearer experiences a very calming and balancing influence from this supercharged agate mala.
  4. It harmonizes the yin and yang forces and has a powerful, long-lasting impact on the user.
  5. This green agate mala promotes knowledge, insight, communication, and business development. It makes it possible to find work.
  6. Green Hakik Mala for Budh is an extremely potent healing stone that radiates energy of courage, strength, and power.
  7. The green hakik mala promotes growth and is effective for the heart chakra.
  8. It is commonly utilized in crystal therapy and feng shui.
  9. The green hakik stone mala fosters situational awareness and unlocks one’s innate abilities.
  10. On the body, it has a purifying and stabilizing impact.
  11. It promotes achievement and financial gain.
  12. It improves memory and gets rid of stuttering.
  13. This Mala is required for those who have diverged from their studies.
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