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Haldi Mala

Haldi Mala

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What is the use of Haldi Mala?

To avoid negative effects and strengthen luck, using turmeric garland proves to be very effective, so keep some things in mind while wearing it. Turmeric relieves many health and skin related problems. But do you find that turmeric also helps in removing the problems related to many planets. A garland made from a lump of turmeric is called Haldi Mala or Turmeric Mala. Wearing turmeric garland has many benefits. Along with prosperity, turmeric garland also brings good health. Therefore, wearing it on Thursday is considered auspicious. Let us know what the benefits of wearing turmeric garland are.

1. If you are suffering from any disease, then wear turmeric garland to cure diseases.

2. Chant the mantra of Lord Ganesha with a garland of turmeric knots. Crisis is averted as well as the intellect also develops.

3. If the Guru is sitting at a low position in someone’s horoscope, then he should wear a garland of turmeric. This will strengthen the planet Jupiter.

4. Keep a garland of turmeric lumps under the pillow while sleeping at night. Then the next day in the morning purify it with Ganges water. By doing this bad dreams will not come and negativity will also go away.

5. For the peace of Navagraha, purify the garland of turmeric lumps by dipping them in raw milk. Then offer it on Navagraha Yantra. This will protect against the negative effects of planets.

6. If there is any obstacle in achieving success, then wear a turmeric garland.

7. Turmeric is very dear to Lord Vishnu, so if there are problems related to money, then offer a garland of bales of whole turmeric to Lord Vishnu. Will get benefit.

8. If you are going through mental trouble, then wear a garland of turmeric knots on Thursday.

9. If there is a hindrance in marriage, then wear a garland of turmeric knots on Thursday. After wearing it, show incense-lamp daily.

10. This is a good astrological remedy for the treatment of jaundice.

11. This garland also helps in appeasing the planet Jupiter and pacifying the negative effects of the planet Jupiter sitting in an inauspicious place in the horoscope.

12. Wearing this garland gives peace of mind to the person.

13. Turmeric is very dear to Lord Ganesha, so by chanting Ganesha’s mantra with this garland, one’s wishes are fulfilled soon

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