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Handcraft Shree Ganesha Wall Hanging god idol

Handcraft Shree Ganesha Wall Hanging god idol

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Benefits of a Shree Ganesha wall hanging God idol

One of the most fortunate of all Indian deities is Shree Ganesha, the God of joy, wealth, and good health. Shree Ganesha devotion is highly valued in Indian tradition, more frequently before any auspicious occasions. The custom of putting Lord Ganesha’s idol at home, and more crucially, in the proper spot, is one that many homeowners frequently overlook. A well-positioned idol brings money, health, and the eliminates of all barriers. You would unquestionably see a great change in lives by following these Vastu suggestions for Ganesha idol installation if you are willing to introduce Ganesha into your home.

Where Should I Put a Shree Ganesha God Idol at My Home Entrance According to Vastu?

Lord Ganesha’s idol should be positioned in the west, north-east, or north, according to vaastu specialists. Never allow the idol to face south because it can have a negative impact. Never place it close to a restroom, a toilet, or up against a wall that connects to one. A Drishti Ganesh in front of your front door keeps all ill spirits away from your house.

Which Places Are Not Recommended for Lord Ganesha Idol Placement?

Even though Shree Ganesha is seen as lucky, you still need to be particularly careful where you position him. There are some places in your house that you should avoid, including the space under a staircase, garages, storage areas, laundry rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms. It’s easy to understand why. It is not advisable to set idols of deities in certain locations since they emit negative energy. These empty spaces, according to vaastu specialists, are unlucky.

Select the Proper Ganapathi Idol Using Vastu

Lord Ganesha idol placement is just as crucial as idol selection. The ideal Ganesha idol, in the opinion of Vastu experts, is one that is seated. This is so because it fosters serenity, tranquilly, and harmony inside the house. This pose is also known as Lalitasana. If, on the other side, you aspire to a lavish, comfortable, and wealthy existence, you can also erect a reclining Ganesha image.

Is it good to have multiple Shree Ganesh God Idols in a home?

The guru in vaastu advise just to keep one Ganesha idol at home. It is assured that having multiple idols overwhelms Riddhi Siddhi and obstructs the good energy flow. Hence, avoid from having more than one Ganesha idol at home.

Where Should the Trunk of Lord Ganesha Be?

There are numerous Ganesha statues to select from, each with intricate craftsmanship. While it’s simple to get carried away by an idol’s immediate attractiveness, Vastu experts advise paying close attention to the trunk’s location. The guidance of the trunk in relation to Lord Ganesh represents wealth and happiness. It is said that Lord Ganesha will be challenging to please when his trunk is pointing in his direction.

According to Vastu, what colour is ideal for an idol?

Several Vastu authorities advise orienting a white Shree Ganesha God idol in the proper direction. A white idol is thought to welcome harmony, peace, and prosperity. If you’d like to achieve achievement and personal improvement, you can also bring home a vermilion Ganesha idol. On the other hand, you may also attach a picture of the same.

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