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Kanya Rashi Yantra Locket (Virgo Zodiac)

Kanya Rashi Yantra Locket (Virgo Zodiac)

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Kanya rashi yantra locket secrets

Kanya rashi yantra is considered to be the sixth sign of the natural horoscope. This zodiac is of land element. The talkative nature of this zodiac, forgetful and exaggerated talkers, relying on bookish things, cold-tempered, lack of experimentation, lack of concrete thinking, needless more information, do not complete any work responsibly, Forgetting one’s own thoughts in talks, working under the authority of others, having soft days and changing thoughts even after being tough in body, starting many tasks at once and leaving all the work unfinished later They have a habit

Benefits of Kanya rashi yantra

If you do not feel like studying, you do a lot of studies but do not remember, bad thoughts come in your mind, there is a decrease in female happiness, you are getting cheated from friends, you are not able to do physical labor, due to phlegm If there is any problem related to stomach, if there is any problem related to skin disease, there is a state of ups and downs in business, the mind does not remain stable, your work often deteriorates on Tuesday if any of the above problems. Even if there is a problem, then you should wear a kanya rashi yantra locket.

  • Physical benefits: Medium stature, dark hair and eyes, quick gait, appears younger than actual age, developed chest, straight nose, thin and crackling voice, arched thick eyebrows, markings on neck or thighs.
  • Other benefits: Very intelligent, analyst, exceptionally intelligent, critical of others’ feelings and flaws. They are knowledgeable of languages ​​and use a scientific approach to understand a process. Get carried away by emotions. It also helps in taking decisions wisely and who have lack of confidence it supports them. Well organized, able to understand the nuances of their thoughts. Conscious of self-interest, frugal, diplomatic, and clever and being proficient in home decor, Mathematician, interested in transcendentalism.

One should be careful of stomach diseases. There are possible diseases like dysentery, typhoid stones etc. In marriage, marital life is happy, children are less. Good income, success in work and business, owning property. Even if there is a minor illness, they go to the doctor. Being the zodiac of the earth element, he takes interest in gardening and farming. They are successful and courageous at the age of 20 to 25 years. At the age of 25 to 35, he has his own house. 36 to 48 years is troublesome. 49 to 62 years are fortunate, there is a sudden profit.

The 23rd and 24th years are very good while the 4th, 16th, 22nd, 36th and 55th years are troublesome. At the end of life T.B. Might is possible. Female sign, place of entertainment, pasture, and auspicious sign of medium height, head of land with plants, bowing of shoulders and arms, true kindness, dark hair, good mental ability, acting according to the law is logical. Their body is advanced, there is some pride. They are very fond of women and they have many friends. Especially such people are the ones who enjoy the property of others and get a lot of money from the people under them.

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