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Kumbh Rashi Yantra Locket

Kumbh Rashi Yantra Locket

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What is kumbh rashi yantra locket?

This zodiac is considered to be the eleventh zodiac in the natural horoscope. This zodiac is considered to be of stable nature and air element and kumbh rashi yantra locket is believed to be the best one for it. The people of this zodiac have solid thinking and imagination power for new research. Gemini and Libra are also air elements, but the imagination power of Gemini is limited to literature, mathematics or simple scientific subjects and the imagination power of Libra is of business or business thinking. Research ability or imagination power of Aquarius is related to extraordinary and latest research. High intellect, clearly speaking, benevolent to others, having complete control over their behavior and living, well judging, giving correct opinion, liking mystical science, and research related to this zodiac sign.

Why wear kumbh rashi yantra locket?

If you are troubled by problems like phlegm or to deal with political trouble, have a problem with the teeth and If you are born in Aquarius sign and you do not have the above mentioned qualities, that is, the above things do not apply to you, then it is certain that you are not getting auspicious results. That’s why you are not getting the above mentioned happiness. You should get all the happiness mentioned above, so all of you Aquarius zodiac sign should wear this Aquarius zodiac yantra made on Bhojpatra.

The construction of this kumbh rashi yantra locket is prepared in auspicious time, in auspicious time with the pronunciation of the name, gotra, place etc. of the person wearing it in the auspicious time. In this, the materials suitable for sandalwood, gaulochan, saffron, and coal are made on Bhojpatra with iron pen. Thereafter, after worshiping the Kumbha Rashi Kavach by performing Pran Pratishtha, the Tantric Mantra is chanted. After that Havan is performed. After Havan, the Yantra is adorned in amulets.

Health benefits of kumbh rashi yantra

(Aquarius zodiac and Health) – People of this zodiac have ear-related diseases, bone and skin diseases, as well as difficulty in breathing. Paralysis, cancer, dental diseases, pyorrhea, chronic old age, chronic skin diseases, dry skin, TB of bones, weakening of bones, calcium deficiency, hair fall, joint pain, cold, There is a fear of diseases of cold, sinus etc. The natives of this zodiac are kind, charitable, fastidious, and quick to do religious work, sweet-spoken and have a wonderful intellect. They are happy minded, dear to friends, dear to fragrance and are the ultimate keepers in the society. They are victorious over enemies, able to walk the path but are also lazy. The destruction of their wealth is due to the woman because they are of some lustful nature. Their mouth is wide, belly is relatively large, neck is long, veins are bulging and hair is dry. If you cannot wear this yantra, then you can keep it in your purse or business place also.

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