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Laghu Nariyal/ Mini Small Coconut/ Shreephal/ Shrifal Set Of 5 Pieces

Laghu Nariyal/ Mini Small Coconut/ Shreephal/ Shrifal Set Of 5 Pieces

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Laghu Nariyal for growth in business and wealth:

Most of the coconut trees are found on the banks of the sea, the small form of coconut is called small coconut, but in thousands of coconuts only one small coconut is formed, not every coconut is a small coconut, so the small coconut is very rare and effective. It is assumed. In the Vedas, a small laghu nariyal is said to be the form of Mahalakshmi, if red sandalwood on a small coconut on Diwali, Navratri, Holi, and a quarter of a rupee is tied with a red cloth, kept in a galley or vault, then the gall or the vault is never empty, both Even if you donate with your hands, money is received from all the four hands.

Siddha Mini Laghu Nariyal Benefits:

  1. Ordinary nariyal are not so beneficial, if they are proven or used in any good Muhurta like lunar eclipse, solar eclipse, Holi night, or if they are proven, then they are very effective.
  2. Siddha Sadhaks of Astra Mantra have proved that during Kaal Ratri, Sun-Moon eclipse by Pratyangira Mantra, Pratyangira Mantra has proved it, so that everyone can get the benefit of this small coconut.
  3. Small nariyal is used to eliminate and avoid Tantra defect, therefore small coconut is considered to be very effective coconut, for protection of Tantra, on any Saturday, in the evening, on any Saturday, in the evening, Dhumavati Mantra “Om Dhoom” Offer offerings in the fire while chanting ‘Dhoom Dhumavati th: th:’ 108 times.
  4. If 8 small nariyals are tied in a red cloth and kept in a circle, then there will never be a shortage of money in life.
  5. The house is protected by tying 7 small nariyals on the main door of the house.
  6. By hanging 11 small nariyal in a yellow cloth in the kitchen, there is no shortage of food in the kitchen; the stock in the house is always full.
  7. If 5 small laghu nariyal are applied by applying saffron tilak and installed in the temple of the house, positive energy develops in the house and children start progressing.
  8. Maa Lakshmi is pleased by worshiping a small coconut in the temple of the house every day, and money keeps raining for a long time.
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