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Lal Chandan Mala(sandalwood mala)

Lal Chandan Mala(sandalwood mala)

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Red Sandalwood Mala 

The Red Sandalwood Mala, also known as Lal Chandan Mala, is a spiritual tool crafted from the wood of the red sandalwood tree. The beads are smooth, polished, and emit a pleasant aroma. Red sandalwood is revered in various cultures and spiritual traditions for its sacred properties.

Attributes and Qualities:

  • Material: Red sandalwood, botanically known as Pterocarpus santalinus, is rich in color and texture, symbolizing purity and spirituality.
  • Appearance: The beads are typically deep red or maroon in color, often smooth and round in shape, radiating a natural charm.
  • Aroma: The distinct fragrance emitted by these beads is calming, creating an ambiance conducive to meditation and spiritual practices.

Benefits of Red Sandalwood Mala:

  1. Spiritual Significance: It holds immense spiritual importance in Hinduism, Buddhism, and other practices. It's believed to enhance devotion, bring positivity, and deepen meditation experiences.
  2. Tranquility and Calmness: The soothing aroma and energy of red sandalwood promote relaxation, tranquility, and mental peace.
  3. Meditation Aid: Using this Mala during meditation helps in concentration, allowing the practitioner to focus on their mantras or prayers.
  4. Purification: Red sandalwood is thought to purify thoughts and energies, fostering a sense of clarity and purity.


The price of a Red Sandalwood Mala may vary based on factors like bead size, craftsmanship, and supplier. At Hare Krishna Mart, it's available at an affordable price, ensuring accessibility for spiritual seekers.

How to Use Red Sandalwood Mala:

  1. Hold the Mala: Begin by holding the Mala in your right hand, draped over your middle or ring finger. The beads should rest on your middle finger, not the thumb.
  2. Start at the Guru Bead: The Guru Bead is the larger, often more decorative bead at the center of the Mala. It's not used in counting but signifies the beginning and end of the Mala.
  3. Recite Mantras or Prayers: With each bead, recite your chosen mantra or prayer softly and mindfully. Move to the next bead with each repetition, using your thumb to pull the bead toward you.
  4. Complete a Full Round: When you reach the Guru Bead again, you may stop or reverse direction without crossing over the Guru Bead.

Various types of beads obtained from nature are used for the upliftment of human life, but there are many such beads which are made by cutting from tree trunks. Cuts are made from their branches and in some naturally oil-rich substance is present and in some naturally such divine fragrance is present, due to which even the wise men are attracted by its aroma and indulge in it in a cool state.

In a slow state, we are wrapped in a relaxed state, today we are talking about lal Chandan mala, whose mere touch gives such peace to the mind, such coolness leaves a deep impression on the mind, brain, heart, in whose desire a Yogi Darbadar Wanders in whose desire an ascetic does in order to achieve the experience of that state by completing his austerity even in the most difficult and complex circumstances.

Such a rag state, such a rag peace can be achieved only by a touch of blood sandalwood, this is the reason that Rudra Kaal Bhairav ​​Baba himself also adopts blood sandalwood paste on his brain, the secret of his peace and his calm posture is this blood. It is believed to be hidden in the ears of sandalwood

Lal Chandan Mala is also very important from the economic point of view. It is found in the forests of Andhra Pradesh state of India. It is very surprising that only red sandalwood trees are found in Seshachalam hills of Andhra and Tamil Nadu. This tree is found only in the hills of Seshachalam, spread over the four districts of Andhra Pradesh bordering Nellore, Kurnool, Chittoor, Cuddapah.

Benefits of Lal Chandan Mala

  1. Red sandalwood garland is considered an indicator of economic prosperity. It is believed that wherever there is a red sandalwood garland, it is considered to be the abode of Goddess Lakshmi. It resides in its form, so that it destroys all the elements of sorrow-legislation on the living being at that place, so that the living being can live his life full of worldly happiness by getting various types of happiness and resources.
  2. From the point of view of health benefits, Lal Chandan mala is kept in very proficient category, it is used as a panacea remedy for people who are suffering from epilepsy etc. Mala is very beneficial in mental diseases. Seeing the specialty of its curative properties, it is used in many ways. Even if someone has skin related diseases, this garland can be worn. It destroys the causative factors, due to which the skin glows and the radiance is charged.
  3. It is considered very useful for attaining mental coolness, it destroys the senseless thoughts and thoughts going on in the mind and gives a positive condition and direction to the mental activities, due to which the person gets rid of mental anger and it is successful in getting oneself out of a situation like mental depression. This is our Lal Chandan Mala for any age group for their mental consciousness to make their mental health dominance more attractive can be used.
  4. It provides its amazing benefits even in the problems caused by the defects caused by Mars and Jupiter and the movements of harmful planets. The grace of Jupiter, the master who keeps ownership, also gives success to a particular person in infinite stages of life.
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