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Laxmi Cowries 108 Earthenware Yantra

Laxmi Cowries 108 Earthenware Yantra

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Laxmi Cowries 108 Earthenware Yantra

Laxmi Cowries 108 Earthenware Yantra is seen as a sign of Maa Mahalakshmi, and the use of Lakshmi Cowrie, which comes in 5 colours, including golden and fuzzy, is said to end all human problems. The back is golden, whitish, and pitted, which in Tantra Shastra has various applications. Cowries are thought to bring riches, luck, and love to the owner. Wearing a cowrie mala promotes financial security.

Lakshmi Cowrie is a common sight, but her life is not respected. Some believe that washing Lakshmi Cowrie in raw milk will make it so that her life is honoured, but this is untrue; there is a law that requires that yantras, garlands, and other objects be consecrated in various ways. Lakshmi Kauri is demonstrated by dedicating her life to Mahalakshmi on the nights of Navratri.

In many places, Lakshmi Puja includes Laxmi Cowries 108 Earthenware Yantra. Hindus regard Laxmi Cowrie(Kawadi) shell mala, a necklace or mala for deity and daily rituals composed of natural Cowries shell beads, to be auspicious. It is used in Hindu religious ceremonies and is thought to represent Goddess Lakshmi. Goddess Lakshmi is given the cowrie shell mala.

Additionally, it is worn and maintained at home in order to achieve wealth and prosperity. It is lucky to japa (chant) mantras related to Goddess Lakshmi while wearing cowrie beads. A tropical invertebrate marine species with a glossy, vividly coloured shell and a long, central toothed opening is known as a cowry or cowrie. According to Hindu mythology, Cowries and Goddess Laxmi have a close bond because they both sprang from the sea.

Benefits of Laxmi Cowries 108 Earthenware Yantra:

  1. If you worship Mother Lakshmi ji with 11 Lakshmi Cowries (Lakshmi Cowrie Benefits), tie them up in a yellow cloth, and store them in the safe, Lakshmi will always reside in the safe.
  2. To bring happiness, peace, and prosperity into the home, 21 cowries should be knotted in a red cloth and hung at the front door. By doing this, no bad karma would be able to enter the home along with happiness and serenity.
  3. According to traditional medicine, wearing 1 Lakshmi Cowrie wrapped in a yellow cloth and worn around the neck as a charm guards against bad eyes.
  4. To obtain Lord Kubera’s blessings and his promise to make you wealthy, keep 16 yellow-colored cowries knotted in a green cloth in the north of your home during the month of Shravan.
  5. To prevent Vastu flaws in the home, 11 Lakshmi Cowries (Lakshmi Cowrie Benefits) should be placed on the front door.
  6. The Laxmi Cowrie (Lakshmi Cowrie Benefits) you get from us is fully validated and awake; you can utilise it right away without reciting any mantras. The following mantra can be used when performing Mahalakshmi-related tasks.
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