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Lord Shiv Trishul Damru Locket With Puchmukhi Rudraksha Mala Gold-Plated Brass

Lord Shiv Trishul Damru Locket With Puchmukhi Rudraksha Mala Gold-Plated Brass

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Why wear Damru Locket with Panchmukhi Rudraksha Mala?

Everyone, including men, women, and children, can benefit from Panchmukhi Rudraksha. It is done for everyone’s freedom, health, and prosperity. It lowers blood pressure, soothes nerves, and gives the nervous system a sense of serenity and alertness. Children under the age of 14 are allowed to wear six-faced, or Shanmukhi, Rudrakshas. They’ll be able to relax and concentrate thanks to this. They will, above all, receive the proper care from the elderly. A unique variety of Rudraksha called a Gauri-Shankar helps balance your Ida and Pingala. Most individuals think it will increase their prosperity.

Money isn’t the only measure of prosperity. There are several ways to do this. Even if you don’t have anything, you can still be happy and successful in life. Prosperity can come if you live a balanced life and make sensible decisions. When the energies are strong, something occurs. Your Ida and Pingala are balanced and awakened by a Gauri-Shankar. A Rudraksha is a useful tool and supporter if your goal is to purify your life. In this way, it offers minimal help. When one is on a spiritual journey, he wants to take every opportunity to raise himself along route, and this is unquestionably a very good opportunity to do so.

What wear Panchmukhi Rudraksha Damru Locket?

The Shiv Damru locket is the best tool for obtaining Shiva’s blessings. A Rudraksha, Shiva’s Damru, and a Trishul make up the Shiva Damru Locket. The blessings of Lord Shiva, who is with you throughout your life, are these three holy objects. The trishul damru locket is thought to be the most basic form of Lord Shiva worship. A person who wears a trishul damru silver pendant never experiences any problems. The Damru, which Lord Shiva wears, is regarded as the emblem of Brahmanad. This is viewed as very fortunate.

Negative energy can be kept at bay by wearing a trishul damru necklace or by keeping one in your home. Dejection is also eliminated from a person’s life. In addition to this, the main problem lying on the head also disappears by listening to its speech, which causes the mind to become quiet and releases stress. Shiva wears it because it is said to have a sound and mantras that may be said that can lessen the venom of snakes, scorpions, and other creatures. Astrologically speaking, it should be worn on Monday. Remember that while wearing it, you should never have animosity toward anyone. The harmful effects of Kalsarpa, Pitra Dosha, Nag Dosha, and Rahu-Ketu are neutralised by this.

Benefits of Panchmukhi rudraksha

  1. If a person or family’s life is always plagued by issues, that person or family should wear a Damru locket on Monday.
  2. Wearing it makes it easier to get through fears, financial setbacks, and other challenges.
  3. The body receives fresh energy when you wear this. Additionally, it raises the individual’s sense of worth.
  4. Keep in mind that wearing it improves a person’s attention. Wearing Damru is advised if you don’t feel like working or if, despite numerous tries, the task remains unfinished.
  5. By wearing this big damru, the evil eye of anyone cannot affect you. It is a defence against evil spirits and negative energy.
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