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Meen Rashi Yantra Locket (Pisces zodiac)

Meen Rashi Yantra Locket (Pisces zodiac)

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What are the advantages of meen rashi yantra locket?

Just as emerald is worn the most among men, similarly meen rashi yantra locket is worn by women. It is also a gem of an auspicious planet and one can wear it without astrological consultation to get the blessings of Jupiter. Here are a few benefits of same:

  • Physical Characteristics: Short and fat body, hands and feet are quite small. The hair is soft, fair complexion, the face is radiant. Beautiful and attractive, eyes are big, strong rounded shoulders, chin has a pit. Domestic and professional life is blissful. Enjoy the beauty of life, knowledge and fine arts. Often there can be two marriages, the influence of the life partner remains strong.
  • Other Qualities: The figure is unimpressive, restless, imaginative and romantic. Honest and human, sometimes calm and sometimes angry, influenced by the opinion of others, lacks self-confidence. They are very sympathetic, forgiving, kind and full. Recognize one’s own ability, which hinders progress. Traditionalists, highly superstitious, living alone, God-devout, staunch religious ritualizes. There is prosperity at the age of 27 to 43 years. 44 to 60 years are troublesome. 61 to 69 years are lucky.

The zodiac stone of Pisces is meen rashi yantra locket. It is very beneficial to wear the gemstone of Jupiter Jupiter for attainment of respect, interest towards religious works and progress in business etc. This gemstone is very much worn by women so that they get due respect and they stay away from immoral activities by taking interest in religious work.

Benefits of wearing meen rashi yantra locket for Pisces sign people:

  • If the zodiac sign of Pisces wears the gemstone Topaz, then they are gentle from heart, benevolent and share the pain of others.
  • Due to the influence of Lord Jupiter, their mind is more engaged in worship, etc. and they have special interest in religious activities.
  • If the people of this zodiac wear topaz gemstone, then there is never any shortage of money. They are so satisfied that they are happy in whatever condition they are.
  • They speak their words very easily and due to which they are discussed and talked about everywhere.
  • If the people of Pisces are going through financial troubles, lack of money, even then this gem should be worn.
  • If the people of Pisces are afflicted by the planet Jupiter, they are suffering from obesity or lifestyle related diseases, then this gem must be worn.
  • If the people of Pisces zodiac are facing any problem in matters like marriage and love, then definitely wear this gem.

Method of wearing

  1. This stone is worn on Thursday only. It should be worn in the morning after taking a bath while chanting the Beej Mantra of Guru Brihaspati ‘Om Brihaspataye Namah’.
  2. Or wear it at any auspicious time in the auspicious constellation of the planet Jupiter.
  3. If students wear this topaz gem, then they do not get corrupted, respect their parents and their faith in God remains.

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