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Silver Tortoise Ring: Meru Ring Adjustable Tortoise Ring for Men and Women for Good Luck, Ring

Silver Tortoise Ring: Meru Ring Adjustable Tortoise Ring for Men and Women for Good Luck, Ring

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Why people prefer to wear Silver Tortoise Ring?

You must have seen people wearing gold-silver ring along with tortoise ring. Often people wear tortoise ring in silver metal in the finger. It is believed that wearing it opens the way to get wealth. Tortoise is considered very lucky in astrology because it is directly related to Maa Lakshmi. This is the reason why people wear tortoise rings. In Feng Shui too, the tortoise has been said to be lucky and wealthy. In such a situation, know how and when to wear a turtle ring.

Follow the rules while wearing Silver Tortoise Ring

There are rules to be followed while wearing a tortoise ring. According to astrology, if a tortoise ring is worn, then it opens up new avenues of wealth. Vastu says that if there is lack of amenities in life, lack of money, peace and happiness are decreasing, then wearing a tortoise ring brings good changes in life.

These things should be kept in mind while wearing tortoise ring

Wear On Friday

Tortoise is believed to be related to Goddess Lakshmi, so it would be better to wear this ring on Friday. Most people wear rings without knowing it.

Make Turtle Ring in Silver

It should also be noted that the tortoise ring should not be made in gold but in silver. Apart from this, get ‘Shri’ tattooed on the back of the turtle. Keep this much in mind that while getting Shri tattooed, the amount of ‘E’ should be outside i.e. towards your finger and Shre should be like you.

How To Wear Tortoise Ring

Before wearing the tortoise ring, put it in raw cow’s milk and then purify it with Gangajal. After this, keeping it in front of Goddess Lakshmi, after worshiping it, recite Srisukta. After that wear it. By doing this special blessing of Goddess Lakshmi are received.

Ring On This Finger

While wearing the tortoise ring, first of all note that the tortoise’s face should be towards you. This will attract money towards you and wealth, happiness and wealth will come in the family. Wear the ring directly in the middle finger of the hand i.e., the middle finger or the index finger along with it. Do not wear it on any other finger. Keep in mind that if the turtle’s mouth is in the opposite direction of your face, then it will not be good for you. You may suffer financial loss as money will start going instead of coming.

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