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Metal Krishna with Cow Standing Under Tree Plying Flute (Gold, 12x8x17cm)

Metal Krishna with Cow Standing Under Tree Plying Flute (Gold, 12x8x17cm)

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Why place Metal Krishna with Cow in home?

As previously mentioned, the Metal Krishna with Cow, or Kamadhenu as it is known in Hinduism, is the most sacred animal. The celestial cow known as Kamadhenu previously lived in heaven. During the “churning of the waters,” it emerged from the sea. Hindu scriptures claim that Kamadhenu can grant all of your wants.

In order to bring riches and happiness into the home, the Vastu Shastra recommends placing a Kamadhenu idol there. Kamadhenu frequently appears with its calf. It is typically pictured in Hindu scriptures as having a cow-like body and a feminine head with numerous Gods housed within her bodily makeup. The four legs stand for both the Himalayas and the four Vedas, respectively.

Good effects of placing Metal Krishna with Cow in home

  1. Her horns represent the Holy Trinity, with Lord Shiva at the base and Lords Brahma and Vishnu at the tips.
  2. Her eyes are the Sun and the Moon.
  3. She is depicted with the Fire God Agni and the Wind God Vayu on her shoulders.
  4. The actual physical building of Kamadhenu is home to all other important deities.
  5. Surabhi, which means fragrance, is another name for Kamadhenu. Hindus revere her and ask for her blessings in order to prosper and succeed in life.
  6. Hindus revere the sacred cow as a representation of fertility and purity. Because of this, Kamadhenu is frequently seen holding her calf.
  7. Place the idol in the Pooja room on a Friday if you feel your life to be slow or monotonous.
  8. Businesses who have higher expenses than revenue can improve their financial situation by putting the statue in the room’s southwest corner every Monday.
  9. Try setting the Kamadhenu idol in the room’s north corner on Mondays if your financial situation is similar to mine.
  10. If there is no peace or harmony in your home, kamadhenu is regarded as an all-purpose treatment.
  11. Let’s now talk about the advantages of installing a Metal Krishna With Cow idol in your home because we’ve already covered the Vastu guidelines.
  12. It is lucky to worship Metal Krishna With Cow alongside its calf, Nandhini. The three principal goddesses, Lakshmi, Saraswathi, and Durga, bestow their blessings on the individual.
  13. All wishes can be granted by Kamadhenu, who can also make your home prosperous and peaceful.
  14. By removing all of your problems, Kamadhenu can bring you success in your career, in your possessions, and in your spiritual life.
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