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Natural Blue Sapphire Ring/Neelam Ring

Natural Blue Sapphire Ring/Neelam Ring

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Neelam ring?

Among the nine gems, blue neelam is considered to be the most powerful. This is the gem of Saturn, the god of justice. It is believed that by wearing this stone, a person can become a king from a pauper overnight because the power of Neelam stone is such that it can make a person rich from poor. In English this stone is called Blue Sapphire. Although sapphire comes in many colors, but blue colored Neelam ring shows the fastest effect and is also considered to be of the best quality.

You would be surprised to know that Neelam not only holds astrological significance but also has historical significance. Many years back ‘Oracle’ was the biggest admirer of this gem and whoever went to him for the fulfillment of his wish used to wear Sapphire stone.  It is believed that there is a blue sapphire in the middle of the crown of Shani Dev, the god of justice. Blue sapphire is also mentioned in the ancient civilization of Greece and Rome.

Even Princess Diana’s favorite stone is sapphire. Sapphire is the hardest stone after diamond. There are many benefits of wearing this stone such as wearing it gives the blessings of Lord Shani. If you wish to please Lord Shani, then you can wear this stone. It is very difficult to find original and good quality sapphire. Let us know about the benefits of Blue Sapphire, method of wearing etc.

Benefits of wearing Neelam ring?

  1. According to astrology, wearing blue sapphire gives protection from evil forces and black magic. This neelam also helps you to stay away from the company of evil people.
  2. There is happiness and peace in social, professional and marital life and desired results are obtained.
  3. The benefits of this stone are maximum during the transit of Saturn. It increases vitality and enthusiasm in a person.
  4. If a student is not interested in studies or his attention keeps on wandering, then this stone can also be worn on him.
  5. A person who wants to earn name, money and fame must also wear this stone.
  6. This gem of Shani Dev has the power to give instant results. This stone can be worn to get wealth, prosperity and success in career and life.
  7. During the dasha of Shani, the native gets unprecedented benefits from the sapphire stone. If your Shani dasha or Mahadasha is going on, then wear Neelam ring.
  8. This gem is also worn to stay away from black magic, loss of honor and evil eye. Difficult problems in life can be solved with the influence of Blue Sapphire and this stone brings peace in life.
  9. Miracles of Neelam Ratna – Neelam stone health benefits in Hindi
  10. This gem is related to Ajna Chakra. This chakra in the body is associated to thoughts, thinking. If you want to improve things related to this chakra, then definitely wear blue sapphire.

In which metal should Neelam ring be worn?

In which metal should Sapphire be worn – Sapphire can be worn in silver or Panchadhatu. The ring of this stone should be worn on the middle finger of the right hand.

How to wear Neelam Ring?

Sapphire or Neelam can be worn in silver or Panchdhatu. This gem can be worn on Krishna Paksha or on any Saturday. Wake up early in the morning on Saturday and take a bath and sit on a clean seat in the place of worship at home. Now take a copper utensil and add Gangajal, Tulsi leaves, raw cow’s milk, honey and ghee in it. After this, chant ‘Om Shan Shanaishcharaya Namah’ 108 times and wear the Neelam Ratna. This stone can also be worn during the transit of Saturn.

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