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Navratna Gomti Chakra Brass Pendant for Men and Women

Navratna Gomti Chakra Brass Pendant for Men and Women

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Why Buy Natural Navratna Gomti Chakra?

Every person wants to achieve immense success in his life. Everyone wants to become very successful in life and earn a name. Every person makes possible efforts to fulfill this desire of his. However, even after trying several times, success does not come. Due to which many times the person also gets disappointed. But today we are going to tell you about such a device, with the help of which you can move towards success. Put Tilak on. You will start getting benefits in a few days.

First of all, tell that the Navratna Gomti Chakra is the low mole cycle found in the Gomti river. Its color is white and light yellow. It is used for getting money and for growth in business. – If you suddenly start losing money, then on the first Monday of any month, tie the Gomti Chakra in a yellow and red silk cloth and keep it at the place where money is kept and do tilak with turmeric. After this, while remembering Maa Lakshmi, roaming around the whole house, keep the potli in a temple near the house.

Apart from this, to get money, keep 11 Gomti Chakras at your place of worship. After that sit in front of all of them and chant Shree Shreeya Namah. After this, whatever business you do, you will be blessed and your income will start increasing. – If a person’s business is not running or there is any problem in the business again and again, then after proving 11 Gomti Chakra and 3 small coconuts, tie them in a red cloth in auspicious time and hang red kamia vermilion on the threshold of your business.

You can also get rid of health-related problems with Gomti Chakra. For this, after washing the Navratna Gomti Chakra with clean water, spread a red cloth and install the Gomti Chakra on it. Apply vermilion, then light a lamp of desi ghee and chant this mantra 11 times with the rosary. If there is a lot of discord in your home, then take 3 Gomti Chakras and put vermilion in a box first and put it on top of it and keep that box in a secluded place. Also, do not talk about this to any other member of the house. By doing this your wish will be fulfilled as soon as possible.

Advantages of a silver navratna gomti chakra pendant

  1. Gomti chakra fragments are thought to be lucky charms. People who have the gomti chakra are said to be blessed with wealth, good health, and prosperity.
  2. Some spiritual authorities claim that gomati chakras are employed to attract luck.
  3. Gomati chakra is utilised as a yantra or other object of worship since it contains the goddess Mahalakshmi’s favourite ingredients.
  4. On auspicious days like Diwali, Dhanteras, Akshaya Tritiya, etc., generic navratna gomti chakra are utilised in adoration alongside goddess Lakshmi.
  5. In particular, spiritual and tantric ceremonies involve the gomti chakra, which is thought to bring good fortune.
  6. Some people keep it on the front entrance of their homes, businesses, and places of employment as a symbol of peace and prosperity.
  7. In some areas, 11 gomti chakras are kept by the populace in red cloths inside of rice or wheat containers for prosperity and protection.

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